Is your baby weaning into solids?
Have they begun to learn how to feed themselves as you direct and guide them alongside…

Watching them grow through each milestone as they begun to sit up unassisted, grasp and hold onto food, see how they interact with their surroundings, their natural curiosity that brings them to explore and experiment.

As they approach the FIRST birthday and watching them crawling, taking those initial wobbly steps till they are all confident to make bold steps forward – every moment is so precious!

Every little moment is worth remembering and that photo you have imprints the moment to your mind – you’ll always recall this time just looking at this image.

And we want to help you remember these little moments… Like how seeing your little boy reach out and try something new! In this case, some sweet watermelons!

Are you up for some smashing fruit time? Let your babies get their hands on these sweet bites!

If you have an older child, they can get involved too! Have him or her feed their little sibling, and have some bonding time. It’s these little moments of affection that melts my heart! Does it do the same for you?

And wouldn’t you agree? This looks like so much fun! Have an enjoyable photography session with us, tickle your babies and have those laughters and smiles captured together as a family!

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