Let Us Capture Those Milestones

Bambini’s experience in capturing Children At Different Milestones

Hello and Welcome,

First of all, thank you for being Bambini’s client.

Bambini’s Vision is

Making memories, telling your stories through quality professional photography lasting for generations to come.

Recently, while I go through the images that I took of my children over the course of 10 years, I can’t help to notice that the first year was the year that my children go through the biggest growth. I remember that I watched slides of the growth of the baby presented in one slideshow by a photographer, As parents,  we can relate to but how many of parents that you know actually have those memories captured for their child?

Whether or not you think it is an investment, those are milestone will never ever repeated again in the child’s life and there is no use to regret that you could have it all with you to show your child.

With that in mind, we have created milestone package that is designed to capture and document your baby’s milestones of their first year for parents like you. Let me come back to you on that in a little bit…

If this is your first child, you may have read but your children will grow tremendously fast where they learn to smile, roll, lift their head, sit up, crawl, stand, cruise, try solid food, and much more.

And in the blink of an eye, your child will go through these milestones without you even realise it.

Yes, we hear you, some of you might think DIY is the way to go… However, for those who is going back to work, after 4 months, it is often difficult to find time to shoot, archive them properly, find time to organise and present them together… Between changing those nappy, get yourself ready and its time to feed again and the cycle just keep going…

Maybe and maybe some of you who is super organise might eventually do that… that’s all good… Then come the opps moments.

Haven’t we know our friends who lost all their images because they lost their phone, drop inside the pool, eaten by their dog or their laptop harddrive call it a day.

Unless this is something you actually really enjoy doing and love going through saving, archiving, organising and still stay sane being parent, chances are, this is one area that you could leverage on expertise of professional photography company who specialised in memories preservation.

Now you probably think how to convince your better half? Your other half will probably say but what about the cost of having it all done by professional? Ask them about those shiny new bike, golf trips, shinny new phone. I am sure you remember those.

We make it simple through easy monthly payment and all inclusive package but to top that, this milestone package is available exclusively for Bambini’s existing client who have the intention to carry on documenting the baby’s growth process professionally.

Typical milestones are:
1. 100 Days/3 months (tummy time, rolling, alert),
2. 6-8 months (sitting up),
3. 1 Year Old Celebration Family Shoot/Cake Smash.

Pick 2 or 3 of these milestones to record in a year and prices can be broken up into monthly payments to make it easier for you. From an investment of less than $3.50 per day, you are able to have these milestones beautifully captured, preserved and presented in a timeless bonded leather album.

Whats more, you get to keep all the web friendly softcopies to share with your friends and family around the world. Thats not all, you also get to keep some of the precious shots from the shoots as edited high res softcopies and we’ll also produce a video clip showing the growing process of the baby at the end of the last shoot. Scroll down to learn more about package rates, inclusions and what to expect.

Milestone Package 1 – $99/month for 12 months ($1188)
1. Two Studio Sessions of up to 1 hour each for up to 4 pax (choose 2 milestones from above)
2. One 6” by 6” 24 page Gift Album (1 image per page)
3. Total of Thirty Edited Softcopies via a downloadable link (printable to 10R)
4. Web Friendly, watermarked softcopies for social sharing
5. Video Clip for baby first year progress

Milestone Package 2 – $150/month for 12 months ($1800)
1. Three Studio Sessions of up to 1 hour each for up to 6 pax (all 3 milestones above)
2. One 8 by 12” Print from Each Session.
3. One 8” by 8” 24 page Custom Designed Premium Bonded Leather Keepsake Album
4. Total of Forty-Five Edited Softcopies saved in a USB Thumb Drive(full resolution printable to 40 by 60”)
5. Web Friendly, watermarked softcopies for social sharing
6. Video Clip for baby first year progress

Book by 15th of this month to receive 10 additional edited softcopies in addition to the included softcopies in the above packages.

Terms and Conditions:
1. The 12 months payment and shoot period start from the 1st payment received.
2. The hardcopy print from each session will be sent to you after every session.
3. The edited softcopies and album will be delivered at the end of the last shoot.
4. Images selected for print and album will need be part of the Edited Softcopies as per the package.
5. The Milestone packages are heavily subsidised packages. We understand that plans may change over time and we totally understand. In the event that you need to terminated the monthly payments. You can send us an email to notify us. The amount received up to the point of termination will be used as credit towards products or services that have/have not been completed at ala carte rates.
6. Milestone packages are for immediate family members only (include kids, parents, grandparents).
7. Additional pax is chargeable at $30/pax; Weekday Outdoor or home sessions chargeable at $50 extra; Weekend sessions at $30 extra.


  • Milestone Package A (Value Over $2500)
  • $150

    per month
  • Up to 3 Studio Shoots
  • One 8x8in 24 pages Premium Album
  • 45 Full Res Softcopies In Total
  • Web Friendly Watermarked Softcopy (for sharing in Social Media)

Milestone Package A

  • Milestone Package (Value Over $1800)
  • $99

    per month
  • Up to 2 Studio Shoots
  • One 6x6in 24 pages Premium Album
  • 30 Full Res Softcopies In Total
  • Web Friendly Watermarked Softcopy (for sharing in Social Media)

Milestone Package B – 2 Session/Year