You LOVEEEE Portrait Photography!

You Love Kids!

You Love People!

You Love Making A Difference to Other People’s Lives by Preserving Memories For Them!

You Love Being Behind The Camera To Capture Moments As It Unfolds Before You!

You could be doing lots of wedding and event shoots on the weekend,

You are already shooting kids and families of your own and for your friends and family.

HOWEVER… you are always

  • Shooting with Automatic Mode
  • Praying there are enough natural light on location
  • Frustrated for not able to get the shot you envision in your mind
  • Feel that something is always missing in the image.


  • You are already a professional wedding and event photographer looking to balance your weekend and weekday workload
  • Looking to expand your business into another genre of photography that is not be at the mercy of weather.

IF you feel you need to do something about the above,

you have come to the right place to find your solutions.

Join Bambini Photography’s team of Professional Photographers in a One-Day Workshop.

Depending on your course choice, you will learn to capture the magic of pregnancy, the wonder of newborn, the love of family connection or milkbath maternity photography so you can learn to develop a skill to either extend your photography genre or to learn a new skill for future proof yourself!

We will break down the elements of a photoshoot to bite size components that you will easily learn and we will answer all the questions you have ever had about lighting, posing and workflow.

You will walk away with a new set of skills that you can apply immediately.

Maternity Photography Workshop

Newborn Photography Workshop (coming soon)

Family Photography Workshop (coming soon)

Milkbath Maternity Photography Workshop (coming soon)