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The 40 weeks of carrying the baby in the tummy is a special experience for most and you witness the body changes everyday, baby bump growing, feeling the movements of another life within you.

This special phase in your life could be once for some, a few times for others. The feeling and experience during each pregnancy could be completely different.

It is during this time that some mum-to-be make it a point to make and preserve memories on this phase of their lives through a maternity photoshoot.

Having said that, many thhhhhought about it but this idea usually ends up KIV at the back of their mind because of the busy life people lead these days. One of the concerns mum to be have is whether they will look good on the photos…

They may be thinking:

“ the photos that are shown on the portfolio are all women who are blessed with good gene…”


“I have no posing experience apart from my wedding photoshoot… how to take maternity photos”

Over the years of photographing blooming expectant mothers, flattering images are usually a combination of lighting, posing, styling, personality, angles, hair and make up of the subject.

In order to show the baby bump, the conventional way is usually via the profile shot. Our image style ranges from classy, joyous, soft, fun to moody. Every client is different with different personality, likes and preferences. We do have a series of most requested shots that we do most of the time. Occasionally, when we get to meet an adventurous mum-to-be/couple, we get to explore more variation of poses like the ones further down below.

Here you go… you can start practicing these poses in front of the mirror leading up to your maternity photoshoot and our photographers will guide you along during the day of the session:)

pregnancy photography pose
maternity photography pose

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Diana Eva Maria

Essence of Photography | Maternity Studio Photography
To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.

 We have been getting a lot of request for a sensual soft silhouetted photos for maternity photography.

This technique of playing with the lighting creates a dewy look that is dreamy.

It eschewed subjects facial feature and helps to intensify the artistic form likened by many photo enthusiast.

Images produced can become a centerpiece in every household.

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Capturing Elegance | Maternity Studio Photography

We’ve always enjoyed taking maternity photography.

A lot of pregnant women often tell us how bloated and unattractive they feel.

We understand that, the body changes, hormones fluctuate, the weight gained, and some women would shy away from cameras often not wanting people to take pictures when they feel most unattractive.

It takes some time setting up the light and finding flattering angles that will help to capture both the personality and  create beautiful images of expectant women.

We think that all mothers and mother-to-be are beautiful creatures. It is not an easy task bearing and carrying a child in the tummy for nine months. So cheers to all of them!

Giving birth and being born brings us into the essence of creation, where the human spirit is courageous and bold and the body, a miracle of wisdom.
– Harriette Hartigan



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| Singapore Maternity and Newborn Studio Photography

We are extremely honoured to photograph Rachel Yang, Singapore national athlete who is a current national record holder for women’s pole vault and won 2 Asian medals in 2007! She came in for her maternity photography session when she was about 34 weeks along her pregnancy. When she was about 38/39 weeks, she contacted us again for a 2nd round of maternity photo session when the bump was curvier. We’re extremely grateful when she came in to studio yet again for the newborn photography session of baby Zac when he was 9 days old. Lovely client, beautiful family, handsome and smiley son.  Here are some images to share from the various session:)