As you witness your belly swells, you find your heart swells with so much love with each passing day.


A feeling that is familiar to those who have experienced and are in the moment experiencing motherhood.

Maternity photoshoot became a new concept ever since 1995 when Vanity Fair had Demi Moore looking all glorious with her belly swelling on its cover page. It was an overnight sensation that sparked the talk about a new age of photography, breaking barriers and gave rise to the prominence of maternity photoshoot.

A photographer’s experience in Posing, Lighting and Sensitivity towards the changes in your body are things that make an enjoyable maternity photoshoot.

With over 500 maternity photoshoots, there is no doubt that our photographers at Bambini have a tip or two in capturing the special time of your life.

We have done many different types of maternity images – from Classic to Modern, Dark & Moody to Light & Airy, Monotone to Colourful… so we are sure you will find something that suits what you have in mind…

And of course, not forgetting our most recent introduction of our Maternity Milk Bath Photography, which you can just turn up, relax and leave the rest to us.

To ensure you get your best! Here are some tips for those who are planning to have a maternity photoshoot in the near future:

  • Browse through our extensive maternity photoshoot gallery and let us know what you love for us to create for you
  • The best time for a photoshoot is between 30-36 weeks of your pregnancy
  • Get that manicure, whip your hair into shape, apply light makeup and you will look your best!
  • Ditch the stretch mark lotion just for the day, when you are getting some images shot
  • Bare or with drapes on? It’s your shoot and your call. Our female photographers can help you to get the best…
  • Have your other half join you for a fun and memorable session
  • Do bring a few memorable items like an ultrasound image of your baby, tiny booties or any family heirloom
  • Loose clothing works best before the shoot, so your skin will look perfect for some photos
  • Let our female maternity photographer help you to be confident by showing the best poses that show your best. We want to leave you with smiles, knowing that you have gotten the best with us…
  • Don’t stress yourself, talk to us! Most importantly have fun and enjoy yourself during the photoshoot!

Our friendly photographers are always ready to work closely with you in getting what you want…

If you are thinking and want to have a chat, email us at info@bambiniphoto.sg
Or give us a call at 87171558 or “CLICK HERE” to drop us a direct message via FB.

The Bambini Team