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About The Bambini Team.

One of the perks of our job is that we get to learn a lot about the people and families we’re photographing. Yet, we’ve been keeping things quite under-wrap for  ourselves. It was not intentional we promise. It’s just that we never really thought about it until today.
Over the course of the years that we’ve been mapping memories for our clients, learning about each of them, we feel it’s time we make ourselves known. The colourful individuals behind Bambini. The good, the bad and the super weird.


Joy, Photographer 

What are your likes and dislikes?
I like freedom, traveling, listening to people’s life stories, and learn from different cultures.

I dislike living in the expectations of others.

Tell us something quirky about yourself that no one knows
I used to be a backpacker for many years. When I see people with backpacks that is not packed or not adjusted properly, I will start to feel worried for their shoulders and I really wish I can help them to adjust it. XD

What is your pet peeve/weird habit?
I must make sure my home is tidy and organised before I leave home or go to bed, and I cannot reject myself to any avocado or matcha flavour food or drinks.

What is your worst moment and happiest moment as a photographer?
Happiest moment is when clients feel really relax and able to be themselves when taking photos with me. I love to capture the natural interaction between families & couples.

If your friends and family can describe you in three words, what would it be?
Audacious, funny and out-going.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
NBA Player ⭐ LOL

If you can describe your favourite moment in Bambini, how would it be?
My favourite moment is when we see super cute and innocent images of babies and then laughing together… and of course, when Lydia made us the yummy foods & cake ?

What got you started on photography?
I used to be a graphic designer and photography was part of my job. I always had to work with a photographer, so from there I found my passion is actually in photography but not design.

What was your first camera?
Canon S95. It was the first gift I bought for myself after I started working and spending my own money. I bring it to everywhere and take photos every single moment.

What drives you, as a photographer?
I love solo travel and my 6D is my best friend along the journey. It helps me record all the memories that I may not be able to remember one day and of all the smiling faces I met around the world.

Share one of your proudest moment as a photographer!
When I was traveling in India, I realised that photo is something very precious for some people in the world. Not everyone has the chance to take a photo and they are really happy when they get the chance to do so. The ability to capture and help them to keep their memories and love in the photo is my proudest moment as a photographer!

Shawna, Clients Fulfillment

What are your likes and dislikes?

I love music and it is an eclectic choice, I don’t stick to one but different genres of music in various languages. I am also a big fan of Jay Chou and love most of his works! I play cover songs on my guitar and keyboard.
Designing and photography are my hobbies and they keep my creative juices flowing. I, play musical instruments, photography and  designing because those keep my creative juices flowing. I also like tattoos, rainy weather and colourful things, although ironically my wardrobe is full of black outfit. And I REALLY REALLY REALLY LOVE ANIMALS and enjoy taking photographs of animals.

I hate getting my sleep interrupted having my personal space invaded and not having a peace of mind while doing work.

Tell us something quirky about yourself that no one knows.
My blanket is my ‘comfort zone’ and I always find myself having the need to hide under it to sleep even when the weather is too hot for it.
I really like the smell of a construction site and the musty smell of a storeroom.. HAHAHA
I have a phobia of butterflies and moths! (WTH, IKR?!)

What is your pet peeve/weird habit.
People who crumple tissues or leaved used tissues lying around are my greatest pet peeve.

If your friends and family can describe you in three words, what would it be?

What did you want to be when you were a child?
Definitely not a teacher, lawyer or doctor… but an archaeologist! I am naturally inquisitive since young and would always sit in front of the TV to watch documentaries, like Egyptian mummies or excavations of skeletal remains. I had a lot of random questions popping up in my head and I picture myself being the one discovering them.

If you can describe your favourite moment in Bambini, how would it be?
I guess one of my most memorable moment in Bambini is helping out Fatilyn with her family shoot. The family member requested a shot of the ‘ah gong and ah ma’ to hold hands. That was a touching moment and made me realise that life is so much more than just work. It made me realise that we have only limited time to be our loved ones so we have to treasure every moment.

Lydia, Customer Care

What are your likes and dislikes?

I have too many likes to share! I like soft toys, especially Tigger [from Winnie the Pooh], Garfield and Teddy Bears in general. Besides those, I like baking brownies and Tapak kuda, also known as Lucky Hoof roll cake, you can google it later if you don’t know haha.
I really dislike not being able to recall my dream after waking up in the morning. When at times I simply can’t recall even after much trying, it just doesn’t seems to appear in my brain bank…I hate when it happens.

Tell us something quirky about yourself that no one knows.
I don’t think I have any to share at the moment but let me have a think and get back to you once I have it.

If your friends and family can describe you in three words, what would it be?
Amiable, perseverance, witty.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
Back then I didn’t know what I wanted to be but when I was a teenager, I remembered wanting to be a well-known chef :D

If you can describe your favourite moment in Bambini, how would it be?
Oh well there’s nothing to say on worst moment cos everyday with Bambini is always the best even when I am feeling down.


Polo, Customer Care, Ops & Marketing

What are your likes and dislikes?
I like to boss my family around apart from researching and organising trips for the family. Somehow other family members got the wind of this and I get arrowed to organise theirs too.

I dislike people who put their mismanagement into everyone else’s misery.

Tell us something quirky about yourself that no one knows.
Ironically my love to plan and organise doesn’t make me an organised person.

What is your best moment in Bambini?
Seeing happy colleagues, happy clients and happy children in the ever-growing Bambini family.

If your friends and family can describe you in three words, what would it be?
Loud, dramatic and detailed.

What did you want to be when you were a child?
Can’t remember what I wanted to do. There were so many. I guess as long as whatever I do doesn’t hurt anyone along the way, I would be fine!

If you can describe your favourite moment in Bambini, how would it be?
My favourite moment would be when I smell what Yong brought for lunch each day. Always curious to see what home-cooked food she has each day.

Also, Bambini fridge that is always well-stocked with different selections of chilli.

Melissa, Senior Photographer

What are your likes and dislikes?
I like dance, music, travelling, trekking, watching movies, adrenaline rush activities, Japanese food, playing with my dog, spending time with my family, trying new things.

I dislike cockroaches and horror movies.

Tell us something quirky about yourself that no one knows.
I get very sentimental about things I own and tend to personify them. This makes throwing away and getting rid of old things very hard for me as I’ll feel so ‘bad’ about throwing away things that have been with me for a long long time. It feels like I’m betraying an old friend. Haha it sounds so weird saying it like that, but it’s really how it feels to me.

When I receive presents wrapped in wrapping paper, especially if it’s very nicely and elaborately wrapped, I’ll try very hard not to tear the paper when I open it. And if the present is something I won’t be using immediately, I like to wrap it back in the paper like how it was originally wrapped before I opened it and keep it that way.

What is your worst moment and happiest moment as a photographer
Happiest moment is seeing clients really enjoying the session and genuinely having fun with their family and children.

If your friends and family can describe you in three words, what would it be?
Easygoing, adventurous and humble

What did you want to be when you were a child?
I had so many interests when I was young, so there were quite a few things I wanted to be! But I think top of the list back then would probably have been a dancer/ballerina or a pianist, as those were (and still are) my first loves (:

If you can describe your favourite moment in Bambini, how would you?
My favourite moment would be the smiles and laughter of the kids and babies during the shoot, seeing how sweet and loving the parents or couples are during the shoot in the way they look at each other and interact with each other during the shoot. Just seeing the genuine emotions and affections of the family during the shoot is very heartwarming and one of my favourite moments here.

What got you started on photography?
My dad was an avid photographer since his youth, so he was always very eager to share this interest with me and show me his photos and cameras. He took a lot of pictures of his university days and my growing up years with his film camera, and was always very enthusiastic about documenting every moment of our lives as a family. I love flipping through all the albums that he lovingly filled with all the photos of our precious memories, so in a way he was my inspiration to follow the same footpath.

What was your first camera?
My very first camera was actually a Minolta film camera my mom passed down to me so I could take some pictures for a primary school excursion to the zoo. Being sentimental, I probably still have it somewhere in my room!
But my very first DSLR is a Nikon D80 that my dad passed down to me when he wanted to teach me how to use a DSLR camera.

What drives you, as a photographer?
I only fully realised how precious and important the photos that my dad had taken were when he passed away suddenly, as it was one of the few things we had to look back to remember him. My sister and I used to grumble a lot whenever he wanted to take photos of us everywhere we went, even during a mundane lunch at home. But I’m now very grateful that he was so adamant about taking those photos. So I think my purpose and drive in this line of work mostly stems from this realisation, as I know how important it is to preserve these memories with your loved ones, and I want to help others do the same.

Share one of your proudest moment as a photographer!
One of my proudest moment as a photographer was winning 2nd place in a local photojournalism competition in the professional category. There was an award ceremony, and the photo series that I submitted was displayed in an exhibition together with the other finalists. It was a very rewarding experience to see my work in print and being exhibited (:

Illiyin, Photographer

What are your likes and dislikes?
I love listening to people’s stories! and just observing them engaging with their loved ones. I love music, singing and most importantly, SEAFOOD – I wish I can eat cockles and salmon sashimi everyday… or watch people eat seafood on Instagram.

I dislike cold weather.

Tell us something quirky about yourself that no one knows.
I’m not sure if this is quirky but I used to love bread so much that my close friends gave me 17 buns of bread for my 17th birthday.

What is your pet peeve/weird habit.
I think my weird habit is that I like to change my hair randomly and try out some whacky hair salons, which I’d always regret but find it funny afterwards.

What is your worst moment and happiest moment as a photographer
The worst moment as a photographer is when I couldn’t provide my clients to enjoy their session and my happiest moment is when everyone is everyone is smiling and happy to be together for a photoshoot!

If your friends and family can describe you in three words, what would it be?
Weird, nice and random.

What did you want to be when you were a child?

I wanted to be a vocal coach

If you can describe your favourite moment in Bambini, how would it be?

Seeing parents feeling so happy and proud of their kids, when their kids are up to take a photo together. That moment when they are so full of love, and just in awe of their family. Gets me teary sometimes, and I feel so lucky to witness such love.

What got you started on photography?
When my siblings first bought film and fisheye cameras. Because my dad was a taxi driver, he’d drive us around to places we’d never go (like factory areas, old areas…) and we’d randomly find a spot and explore photography there. But I remember really getting involved with photography when I realised how much it meant to capture that split second of someone and being able to feel what that person feels.

What was your first camera?
Disposable cameras

What drives you, as a photographer?
Wanting to capture the love and beauty that someone/a family has, so that they could always look back to it and remember, and feel that same emotions that they felt on the day the photo was taken.

Share one of your proudest moment as a photographer!
Seeing the look of this Ah-ma’s face, when she was looking at her family and just laughing to herself. I felt so lucky to be able to help capture and provide a keepsake of her loving family.



For the rest of our story, our journey, and our extensive team! You can read more about it here.

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在过去的数年里我们拍摄过各式各样,大大小小的家庭。我们发现家中的各项重要事件或变故,成了这些家庭愿意抽出时间前来拍摄的主要因素。然而他们拍摄全家福的最终目的却始终如一,既是刻画 “一个快乐家庭”的理念。这样的观念说得容易,但却是由很多因素相续促成的。 无论如何,对于个人或是家庭而言,拍摄全家福的触发点都不尽相同。


1. 庆祝人生的重要里程碑

生日,周年纪念日, 毕业典礼….

“庆祝” 就是人们会需要雇佣专业摄影服务最普遍的原因。庆祝个人的人生里程碑比如孩子,父母或是祖父母的生日,又或是周年纪念日,10年,15年,25年,甚至50年结婚周年纪念,除此之外,家中增添新成员,办喜事,或是家庭成员毕业了都将是对于一个家庭而言又一新的篇章,人生值得记录的阶段。




2.  家人病痛或是即将离去




因此下一次若您安排全家福拍摄,可带上家中年迈的父母,并预先告知我们家中有老人家需要拍摄那张 “特别的照片”,我们会在最轻松愉悦的情况下替您完成您的要求。

3. 为不在照片里而懊恼




或许说您需要 “那一张” 全家福听起来会觉得很肤浅,但实际上,我们想要捕捉的是家人之间的情感联系而并非仅是那一张照片。


通常到了一个触发点您就会开始受不了,当您回看从前的照片时,愕然发现大多数的照片都没有自己的踪影。您的孩子会问 “为什么妈妈没有在照片里面?” 或是 “我记得我们在照片当中的某个地方” ,接着开始形容他们记得拍照的那一天发生了什么事,而不曾提及妈妈当时的身型或体态。



4. 当所有人回家团聚






5. 当你回家乡探访家人



对祖父母们是最珍视回忆的。 一张有纪念价值的照片,或许就是您可以给予他们的最珍贵的礼物。


新加坡植物园的联合国教科文组织,滨海湾花园令人惊艳的酷花圆顶,东海岸的休闲区域,如切的小娘惹文化遗址,翡翠山及客纳街, 滨海长廊的新加坡未来城市景观, 又或者是简单如您家的四周。


6. 家人离家公干/深造或当兵前




7. 更新全家福




如果这正是您的处境,拨一通电话(987171558)给我们或是一封邮件 (,我们将会为您服务。

8. 或许以上7项让您想起了身旁的某个人。





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We had an awesome maternity cum family photoshoot with Bambini. All queries with regards to shooting day, attires, photos selection, special upgrade packages etc. were addressed promptly and the staffs are also nice & warm.

On the shooting day, our photographer Fatilyn has managed to capture all the precious moments in freeze frames. I can see joy, I can see love, I can see bliss in the pix. She also managed to capture my 2 elder kids’ cheeky moments. Friends have commented that there are so much love in the photos. And the service is really fast, I get to view the 100+ drafts on the same day of the shooting! We even manage to get their goodwill services for additional editing on some of the photos as per our request.

Conclusion: love, love the photos outcome. Price is reasonable too & it feels comfortable doing the maternity shots as the photographer is very professional. Highly recommended to all friends out there & will definitely come back again for our future shoots.

– Felicia Lee Sok Yian

After spending weeks researching for a family portrait photoshoot we’ve chosen Bambini Photography and did not regret doing so!

Lydia coordinated the photoshoot arrangement and recommended packages for a family of 12 pax. She was very prompt on my many queries asked via Whatsapp, very efficient and hassle-free.

Joy was our photographer on 11 Aug, she was extremely warm and friendly and created a nice environment for my family to settle in. Not only did she provide clear directions but she also sought our opinions on what we liked to do for the photoshoot.

She was also very brilliant with the children. My nieces and nephews were between 1 to 4 years old and she worked very well with them, engaging them and making sure they provide eye contact with her camera. We were a group of 12 and I’d said she managed our family very well.

We had an indoor photoshoot and the studio is very spacious and clean. Additionally its very kid-friendly, many props and toys for the young ones to be entertained. My young nephew even had an emergency diaper change in the studio and Joy was perfectly fine with it. She also gave us some freebies for the little ones!

Bambini’s after sales service is very commendable. The basic edited photos for selection were provided very promptly in 2 days on Dropbox. What impressed me was that Joy was very available when I contacted her to discuss and seek her opinion on how to edit some of the photos and recommendations for further printed products.

Overall, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Bambini to friends who want a fun and stress-free photoshoot with good service. And it’s not difficult to see why they have established so many regular customers.

Dominic Mak

Baby Milk Bath Photoshoot in Studio – Frequently Asked Questions

Following the successful launch of our Maternity Milk Bath Photography in Studio, many clients have asked if they can do Baby Milk Bath Photoshoot as a continuation to their maternity photoshoot.

That’s right!

YES! We are so excited to embark on the continuation of the milk bath series with babies. All done in our studio with adult sized and baby sized tubs. All ingredients for the milk bath products are made in and imported from Japan.

You know how it goes for the first few months of having baby… restless, tired, constantly worried about the baby and now they are 3-months old and they are happy and smiley when you play with them. For those of you who have finally settled down after the initial blur of the first month or so of your newborn baby, this would be a perfect opportunity to catch up on preserving memories of their milestones.

For the lucky mummies on maternity leave, being intentional to make memories of them at this time is always a rewarding experience. Sink in the tub with them in our adult tub and/or photograph them alone in the baby tub to add to their memory bank.

100 Days Baby Milkbath photoshoot
3 Months Baby Milkbath Photoshoot
100 Days Baby Milkbath Photoshoot with Mum
3 Months Baby Milkbath Photoshoot

Alternative To Half-Birthday Photoshoot

Alternatively, baby milk bath photography is definitely a different way of celebrating a half-birthday without cakes! A ‘post bath-coma’ to ease them to nap afterwards never hurts too :p

6 Months Baby Girl Milkbath Photoshoot
Baby Milkbath Studio Photoshoot
6 Months Baby Boy Milkbath Photoshoot
Baby Milkbath Studio Photoshoot
Studio Baby Milkbath Photoshoot Singapore
Baby Milk Bath Photography
Studio Baby Milk Bath Photography
Studio Baby Milkbath Photoshoot

Just in case you have some questions in mind about this milk bath series, we have answers for you below.

Who Is Suitable?

Baby Milk Bath is an especially special milestone to photograph babies who LOOOOOVEEE their bath time. They are all smiles and giggles when you put them in the tub, and starts kicking and splashing once they are in water. They feel comfortable, calm and playful. They exude so much personality and accomplishments during their favourite activity of the day.

Why Do Baby Milk Bath Photoshoot?

There are a numerous of reasons why mummies ask for and do baby milkbath photoshoots. We have listed them below.

1. They have done Maternity Milk Bath Photoshoot and want a continuation of their milkbath photo shoot journey with their baby.

2. They missed their newborn photoshoot and want to do a catch up shoot before they head back to work within the first 2-3 months.

3. They have seen others do it overseas. Now they are looking to to be one of the first few to do a milk bath photoshoot for their baby here in Singapore.

4. Their babies simply lovvvveeee being in water and enjoys their bath time and they would like to preserve these fleeting moments before they outgrow the baby bath tub.

5. Wants the best of both worlds to do some ‘dry’ classic baby shots and milkbath tub shots in one studio session.

6. Needs a proper family photo while they are still a baby.

Do Mummies Need To Be In The Tub?

If baby is still unable to sit up independently (eg. 2-3 months), we would advise mummy to be in the tub with them as well. This is for baby to feel familiar and comfortable in mummy’s presence.

Is It Safe?

Safety is our number 1 priority in doing photoshoots. We would never get clients to attempt a difficult pose if we feel it is not safe. Bambini Photography works especially well with clients who trust us. If you are unsure and have reservations, then we may not be a good fit for each other for this type of photography. We would suggest that you stick with the classic baby shoots.

Any Props?

We also use flowers or leaves, but if you’d like a plain and simple one, by all means that will be great too. We also have our own rubber duckies that could act as props or can be toys that babies play while capturing the shoot.

What To Bring?

Bring your baby’s favourite small bath toys and normal toys, and you being around to play with and sing to them. Your presence is something comfortable and familiar that will keep them relaxed during the shoot. Oh and do bring towels and clothes for them to change into after the shoot too!

What Should the Baby Wear?

Bring a couple of clothing for them during the ‘dry’ studio session. We do prefer them to be half naked for both dry and water shots. Putting swim diapers on for water shots so we can capture their cute tummy rolls and squishy arms! You could have them wear something simple as well, like an overall. And accessories are great too – a baby bow tie, grandpa hat or headbands (only if baby is usually ok to have head gears on their head).

Is Baby Clothing Provided?

We do have some baby clothing available in studio. However, do bring some along to personalise the shoot for your baby.

What Should Mummy Wear?

For the family shot, do bring wear similar toned coloured clothing with baby and other half. For the milk bath part, mummy can wear similarly to maternity photoshoots. Bring along your nude, white and black undergarments and put on your best smiles. We have robes and fabrics in studio for you to use if needed.

Having said that however, if you like fine laces and hand made robes, check out Bells & Birds. An exclusive special for Bambini’s readers, use “Bambini10” for a 10% off all purchases from their online store:; or check out beautiful laced bralettes at Perk By Kate. Don’t forget to quote “Bambinixperk” for a 10% discount of their products! :)

Now What?

Our professionally design studio create an optimum environment for milkbath both for mummy and baby. The water is heated, the air temperature is controlled so it is at comfortable temperature. Of course you will have the large studio (size of executive suites of hotel room of ~800sqft) all for yourself during the shoot while our photographer will guide you through the whole process so you know exactly what to do during the shoot.

Once you have decided that this is it, all you have to do is to bring yourselves and enjoy your precious time as a family. Thats our aim and vision to preserve memories of families. We love families and the joy the babies bring to their family, and we hope we can capture that for you. We also have the tubs prepared in our studio, so just book and have fun!

Chat with our friendly team to find out more about this series at +65 8717 1558 or drop us an email at :)
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Top 3 Reasons Why Printing Photos Are So Important

Remember the feeling you got the first time you took a photo? When you wanted to capture and seize that moment so that it could last for a lifetime? It’s that warm fuzzy feeling when we get to have a memento of the people we love.

Back in the days when we couldn’t view the images immediately, we had to wait patiently until we use up all the 24 or 36 frames in the roll of film before we can send it in to the lab for processing and printing before we can even see the finished photos.

We would compile all of the prints in those albums that came together for free with the prints. The more artistic ones will take the trouble to put them in nicer looking albums instead of the ones that the lab give to us free :D The even more artistic ones will take more time to turn the prints into a photo album or scrapbook by adding some text or story in the album – where it was taken, when it was taken and what was the occasion…

The best part about that is it becomes a tangible memory for us. It is one of the main reasons why we became photographers ourselves. Being able to witness a family make time to come together for a photoshoot, gets us emotional inside and we just want it to be able to last forever for them.

Even though photos are more easily taken these days with smartphones, we don’t seem print photos as much as we used to. We do post them on social media to update friends and families what we’ve been up to lately, by sharing what we have eaten to sharing beautiful moments with the family. Aside from that, it is also partly to “archives” the photos in social media platforms as a back up just in case the computer crash or we lose our phone. The only back up left is the preview resolution of those stored in social media. Social media is known to be notorious in compressing the image so they save some space by allowing you to use the platform for free. When you need it, and when it is time to print, the compressed resolution images looks good from far… but it is far from good once you see it up close!

It’s always easy to convince ourselves that we will print the photos soon, someday soon… but there is never really a good time. We are pretty occupied with our daily tasks, caring for our own kids, running the household, juggling work, and caring for parents. Sorting photos and printing photos from the gazillion number of images stored in our phones is time-consuming and we tend to procrastinate on this task. We just had several clients who only keep “digital copies” on their computers and ask if we still keep them after many years as they have lost their images due to computer crashes.

Memories are like money, there is no purpose of it until you need it. Like when someone has passed on, or when our kids need a shot of our family for school the following week, or you need those pictures for a birthday announcement coming up. It is easy to not do anything now… only to find yourself in dire situations when you need it.

So here are our top 3 reasons why we feel printing photos are important:

1. It becomes a tangible memory

A printed photo becomes something our future kids can touch and look closely into. It’s displayed, its on the wall, its on the desk, its inside the album. You don’t need to search through the various files, folders and deep archives to find the images that you took years ago in the computer. Its there! Printed and hung on the wall or compiled in an album.

Just like when our parents showed us their old photos, it creates conversations about how our families were like when they were younger – how they used to climb on coconut trees or went for a swim in a longkang. Who would have thought our fierce aunties were that playful!

Mini details like these, helps to paint a picture of how our loved ones were once like and bring us closer to them. It’s very heartwarming to see our kids taking out the family albums or even those kindergarten graduation photos and making jokes about how small their siblings were or commenting that they still remember our relative who has passed away.

Plus, printed photos are more accessible for our non-tech savvy parents and our very young kids who we want to limit their screen time to the ‘wonders’ of phones and computers. They wouldn’t need to reach out to the phone or computer to find the files, its just there everyday.

Worst case scenario when you need them in a digital copy, have them converted.

Enjoy your photos every day you when you walk past where the images are being displayed.

2. It ties people to places, experiences and emotions

When we look at the image taken the first time, we might notice things like how we used to look. But as time passes, what we get to see are the moments, the emotions, and the experiences that we had with people that was with us.

The first few seconds from just looking at a photo immediately brings us back to our old homes, our old playgrounds, our old treasured memory. Sometimes when we pause for a little while and just take a look around us, we get to see how far our families have come and remember how we first started out. It ties us back to our roots and our purposes in life. Small things that we see on a photo, like that blanket we used to hug to sleep, reminds us of even the atmosphere, feelings, and scents of that particular time in our lives.

Our world is so fast-moving and there isn’t time to look for the images in our phones or our laptops; have it there ready every time and its great to just stop and re-live those moments…

3. It strengthens us

Lately with the fast-paced life, we get too pre-occupied with our work and we lose sight of our purposes in life and why we do what we do. Sometimes when days are low, we forget about how fortunate we still are to be where we are now. Some people place photo frames on their work-desks, some along the walls of their house, just to remind them of who we are and the people who have made the person we are today… and that even when we have bad days, we will always have our family behind us and in our hearts to push us through in life.

Our vision in Bambini as photographers is always to help families preserve their memories.

Memories is an essential part of us.
Memories brings people closer together.
Memories grows the love stronger.

We will always strive for that no matter how fast the digital world is changing. That is the reason why we at Bambini Photography always include printed photo in all of our packages even if it is just 1!

If you need ideas on how to turn your soft copies to tangible photos, do let us know and we can work with you to come up with something.

Or are you thinking of buying a personal and lasting gift for your loved ones to remind him/her of the milestone in their life? We have gift vouchers available that can be personalised to include your personal message and the recipient’s name.

If you want to know more or would like to create new memories, drop us an email at, dial our number at +65 8717 1558 or Message Us to chat with our friendly crew to chat further about creating a memorable photo session for you :)

Top 8 Reasons Why Family Do Professional Family Portraits

A Celebration of Time and Moment | Family Photography

There is a saying that goes, “Children Spell L O V E as T I M E. There may be many reasons as to why you cannot be with your children but none of them can replace the time lost. Once lost, it’s gone forever, you can never recreate the moment again.”

We, at Bambini Photography are fervent believers of time because the nature of our work is such that we are surrounded by it. We are the moments capturers, photo studio who specialise in children and family photography.

Too often we hear parents say, “Can’t believe how fast they’ve grown, it felt just like yesterday when they are this small.”

Time and again we see familiar faces, families who have come to us year after year to have their photos taken with their children. We have in part become their family as we follow their stories, the newborns we once photographed have in turned became toddlers and subsequently young girls and boys.

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Family Photography Singapore

The setting for the pictures have morphed with each passing year, from the ones taken in the studio when they are newborn to those taken outdoors when they’re all grown-up!

There is no bigger responsibility than taking their best impressions as a family, as an individual and capturing their personas on camera. It’s not only about photography but the relationship with the individual and the families that have made us their official family photographers and their trusts on us are the greatest reward.

There isn’t going to be a better time to celebrate your time and moment. If you are curious and want to find out more about the photography services we rendered, simply shoot us an email at or Send Us a Message and we promise to get back to you in the nick of time ;)

Thank you Andrea and family! For choosing Bambini Photography year after year and allowing us to be a part of your journey as a family

Top 8 Reasons Why Families Do Professional Family Portraits