3 Things You Can Do This Christmas!

3 Things You Can Do This Christmas!

1. Get your cakesmash ALL CHRISTMAS-Y!

For the month of November to December, we’re bringing to you something NEW for your cakesmash! Give your cakesmash a Christmas look to celebrate the holidays :D

2. Scratching your head for gift ideas? What is a better gift than the gift of quality family time and memories made tangible in pictures?

If you’re needing a gift idea this Christmas… For your staff, colleagues, friends or families?

Give the gift of time.

Quality time with family spent together with lots of hugs, kisses and laughters… We’ll do the storytelling with pictures, and let your memories made together become tangible in printed photos.

Fill your home or your friends’ home this festive season with images that remind one another of your relationships, of the love and care…

Have a photoshoot! And have your photos printed and displayed…

Get a gift voucher with us and all you need to do is show up and we’ll do the rest for you!

Get your gift voucher here

3. OUR 12 DAYS CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY is coming back! You know what to do, STAY TUNE!

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Bambini’s 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway!

12-days-of-christmas-giveaway-bambini-003At Bambini Photography, our favourite time of the year is always Christmas. Ask any of our photographers and they would nod their heads in unison. Christmas brings about a warm feeling, it is a festive season that reminds us of home, slow-cooked roasted meat, laughters, forgiveness, togetherness, love, joy and most importantly starting a new page where things can be grander and better.

A time where magic is truly in the air and the spirit of giving is ever present in town. And this time around, we get to be the giver! :D

Together with our sponsors, we will be exercising the true spirit of Christmas by handing out exciting giveaways for 12 straight days starting from 13th December, 2016.

Here is the list of exclusive prizes to be given out!

12-days-of-christmas-giveaway-bambini-creme-maison-002Santarina Belle Box from Creme Maison Bakery
Gift box contains six assorted Earl Grey Lavender, Madagascar Vanilla Bean and Belgium Chocolate cupcakes worth SGD 43.
Winner will be selected on 13 December 2016.

12-days-of-christmas-giveaway-bambini-creme-maison-001Santa Gift Box from Creme Maison Bakery
Gift box contains six assorted 24K Peppermint Chocolate Fudge [with edible 24K gold flakes], Maple Gingerbread Latte, Lingonberry Lavender cupcakes worth SGD 43.
Winner will be selected on 14 December 2016.

*Creme Maison Bakery believes in providing quality bakes, customisation service with a simple aim: to handcraft the most delicious bakes!


Two Christmas Decor Set with Cushion from Give Fun
Each parcel contains 10 pom poms, Christmas-themed photobooth props, 4 Honeycomb balls, Merry Christmas Garland, Christmas-themed bunting and two Christmas cushions.
One winner will be selected each day on 15 & 16 December, 2016.

*Give Fun is your one-stop shop for all your party supplies from themed balloons, buntings, to photobooth props, etc. They are serious about fun, and giving it to you!

12-days-of-christmas-giveaway-bambini-swim-it-right-008A Swimming Trial Class with Swim it Right
Learn efficient swimming stroke techniques, water survival and basic lifesaving skills. Each trial class is worth SGD 250.
Four winners will be selected each day on 17 & 18 December, 2016.

*Swim it Right is one of the leading swim schools in Singapore that provides private and group swimming lessons for all ages, from toddlers to adults.


Mambino Bug Repellent from Mummytoon
Made using natural and organic ingredients, Mambino Bug Repellent is USDA certified, chemical-free, safe and hypoallergenic repellent safe for babies, kids and even adults.
Winner will be selected on 19 December 2016.

Mambino Body Toning Oil from Mummytoon
Featuring a blend of nourishing Omega oils and botanical ingredients to increase skin suppleness and radiance. Light with high-absorbent rate, Mambino Body Toning Oil moisturises skin up to 10 times faster than conventional body lotions and cream.
Winner will be selected on 20 December 2016.

*Mummytoon is a premium online store in Singapore for baby and mummy products. Free local delivery is provided for all purchased products.  Mummytoon always strive to ensure high quality products are delivered to the hands of our customers at fair prices.

Gift Voucher from Chubby Chubby
Pick a pair of outfit from Chinese New Year 2017 collection, themed “Kampong Hues” series worth SGD 108.
Winner will be selected on 21 December 2016.

12-days-of-christmas-giveaway-bambini-chubby-chubby-006Unisex Baby Shower Gift Set from Chubby Chubby
Gift box contains, 100% Natural Beansprout Husk Pillow, Rattle Hankie Sensory Toy, Booties and Chubby Chubby Onesie worth SGD 108.
Winner will be selected on 22 December 2016.

*Chubby Chubby is a homegrown Singapore local brand by Nix Deng. She runs the business online providing designer clothing and lifestyle products that’s made right here in Singapore. Apart from designing fun & timeless clothing with attention to details and excellent workmanship, Chubby Chubby also offers unique and personalization services on their lifestyle products.


Two Diaper Sets from Merries
Diapers made of highly absorbent, super breathable and ultra soft material to ensure your active baby stays dry and comfortable.
A winner for [size M tape] diaper will be selected on 23 December 2016 and [size L pants] will be selected on 24 December 2016.

*With its superb absorbency, exceptional breathability & ultra softness, Merries provides the dryness and comfort that your baby’s delicate skin needs. These are what makes Merries a joy to wear!

untitled-4aThat aside, there is still time for you to book last-minute family photography session with us.
Simply get in touch with us by emailing
info@bambiniphoto.sg or dial our number at +65 8717 1558 to chat further about creating a memorable photo session for your family.