Fun Loving | Family Studio Photography

( very fun shoot, where all the big extended family- cousin s and  come together for a picturesque photography session.

Everyone took instruction well and they all had fun during the shoot, trying to coordinate who went where and who gets to stand in front of the camera first.

We hope to see them again sometime soon in the studio for some more fun-loving photo session



Happy Fathers’ Day | Studio, Home & Outdoor Photography

Traditionally, the role of a father in a household is minimal.

In a typical patriarchal society, a father is often taking the role of either the discplinarian and mostly the breadwinner of a family, and almost religiously- a person who is most revered and feared.

Times has since changed and the rule of father has somewhat shifted.


We are in an era where fathers are taking a more active role in their children’s lives.

With more and more women increasingly paving a career in the working world, the men are likewise contributing to the time put in doing their domestics and taking care of their children.


We are featuring images, some featuring the male that spans generation and others are photos of dads and their children that will make you go jelly just from seeing them.

The bond between a child and their father is a special one.

We’ve always admired the relationships between children and their dads which is built on mutual trust and understanding. Something unspoken yet vividly


We’d like to dedicate this day to all fathers out there- old and young alike.

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Sacred Relationship | Children Studio Photography

Photographing siblings in a family photography session has always turned out to be a fun shoot.

Some siblings are like two peas in a pod , others are different as night and day. With that being said, being a sibling is one
of the most sacred relationships one can experience. The joy of being the other half of the peas to someone else, is not something everyone
gets to enjoy. To be able to stamp someone as your bestfriend the moment you laid eyes on her is an extraordinary feeling.

The bond between sisters are the strongest. They are someone who will go through thick and thin with you.
They are the person who taught you how to share, they are the role model.
They are the person to jump on your defense when your parents start to punish you for the wrong deeds you’ve done.
The first person you’ll spill your secrets to, someone who you’d definitely not want to miss on your birthdays, graduation and on your wedding day.

Being a sibling is one of the most important and sacred relationships.

Twenty years down when the family are all round seated at the dinner table remembering memories of the past, you’d have someone to share
the inside jokes with, someone to poke fun of and most specially, a sister is someone whom you can share your troubles with other than your mom.

She is your lifelong loyal friend.

Children Family Portraiture Singapore

Children Family Portraiture SingaporeChildren Family Portraiture Singapore

Friends for Life | Children Studio Photography

Happy to be once again called by this lovely family for a family photography session.
They have booked us time and time again and we are so happy to see them once again in the studio

Jane Austen once wrote in Mansfield Park that children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply.

That quote from her encapsulates the notion of siblings hood.
Nothing beats having a sibling to share moments of joy and sorrows with.
To have someone to have a mini-fight with.
To have someone to go shopping with when no one is available- even if he doesn’t want to.

It is the little moments with your siblings that counts for the many years to come.

Three’s a Charm| Children Outdoor Photography

“We are celebrating our 10-years anniversary,” said the mom and dad.

The couple decided to spend the special occasion by booking a children photography session with us.
We were more than happy to oblige after seeing the three charming little girls emerging from their side.

The oldest, Raeann like most girls are enchanted by Disney Princessess and would chime in excitement when she sees anything that is princess related – that and pink and red tones,  colour codes that is distinctive with fun princesses.

The middle-child Gwenyth has a ‘lifelong’ relationship with her duckie which she lovingly brought with her to the shoot. That aside, she has the penchant to mimic and think that she is a lioness despite the obvious fact that she’s born in the year of the Tiger. She is feisty and she roars too.

The little one, the baby of the family Nicole dons a really cute tendrils for her updo. Imitating those afro puffs like she’s back in the 70s. She is not one to part with the duckie and loves having her two older sister by her side.

The girls may all be different in characters but they do share the same electrifying smile- with dimples so deep and twinkling eyes.

A wise man once said “Blessed be the parents who have three daughters.”

I do not doubt that in the least for I can imagine the endless happiness they bring forth upon their parents.

Three girls are indeed the charm.



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