We’re Back! | 100 Days Old Baby Studio Photography

I still remember the first time I photographed their little girl and now they’re back with their little boy for his 100 days old photoshoot.
https://www.bambiniphoto.sghttps://www.bambiniphoto.sgSONY DSCThis little bub wasn’t really pleased when we started taking photos but it’s ok, he still looks adorable crying. :)https://www.bambiniphoto.sgSo, maybe a cuddle with jie jie will calm him down.https://www.bambiniphoto.sghttps://www.bambiniphoto.sg

7 weeks Kaelyn | Family Studio Photography

(www.bambiniphoto.sg)Sweet Kaelyn is 7 weeks old when she came for the photoshoot, she was so sleepy we decided to try photographing her in some newborn poses and she slept through! We love it when babies looks at us with their beautiful eyes but just the same too when babies are sleeping! Kaelyn looks so serene and adorable here, sound asleep in our cozy set-up. Any melted hearts? =)

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Look at those Chubby Folds! | Family Studio Photography

For those who are still waking up from last night’s events, we hope this baby will open those sleepy eyes. Just look at those chubby folds! This 4 months baby which we photographed in studio a few months ago just looks adorable with those big round eyes while enjoying tummy time. Mommy wanted us to photograph baby’s different facial expressions and as a portrait photographer you just have to get your camera ready and wait for the cheekiness to come out and click away.