No-Fuzz Baby | Family Studio Photography

As Mommy Katerina describes baby Alexander, “He is not a fuzzy baby and he likes all kinds of toys…” He truly is a no-fuzz baby, baby Alexander started smiling the moment I talked to him and we hadn’t even started shooting yet. Having the baby in a good mood before the shoot makes our work as photographers a lot easier. He easily responded with a smile or a giggle to simple sounds and actions we made. Oh! And did I mention those adorable, big, round eyes?! Melts my heart looking at those eyes paired with a cheeky smile.


Furry Love | Family Studio Photography

We always feel special when previous clients come back for another shoot and this time they came with the entire family. Baby Damian was a natural in front of the camera and of course the center of attention, who wouldn’t love those kissable cheeks and cute smile. He would just grab on to anything so he could stand up while the entire family cheering at his every successful attempt.

Of course let’s not forget about their furry little friend, while everyone was smiling and posing the poor little doggy was busy hiding under the chair. Every time the flash goes off, he goes quivering back to grandma but don’t worry no animals were harmed during the shoot.


Brothers for the Win! | Family Studio Photography

Maria booked a photography session for her boys as a present for daddy’s birthday.

She wanted to have the brothers together for sibling shoots but children, being children are rambunctious creatures, the older one never stop running in and out of the studio, so you can imagine the challenge having to put them together side by side to pose for the camera.

From these picture that you look at, you’ll never be able to imagine the behind-the-scenes.

Once again we’ve outdone ourselves.

We managed to get beautiful shoots.

The trick to getting good pictures, with active subjects is to distract and let them have fun in the process.

Our photographer has to coax and whiz out different toys to get candid photos, that all parents love.

Our personal favourite would be the set of photos where the boys are playing together on the sofa.

It was taken towards the end of the session, the little one started to charge at his older brother and it was a hilarious scene, that our photographer can’t help but click on the shutter.

Shoots where children are smiling and looking straight at the camera are usually what parents love.

But candid shots such as the ones below are equally precious, it is the moment the brothers had together that was captured in camera.

And we feel really privileged to be the ones to do so- capturing memories.

Thank you to mummy Maria for her kind comments for us too!





Happy Fathers’ Day | Studio, Home & Outdoor Photography

Traditionally, the role of a father in a household is minimal.

In a typical patriarchal society, a father is often taking the role of either the discplinarian and mostly the breadwinner of a family, and almost religiously- a person who is most revered and feared.

Times has since changed and the rule of father has somewhat shifted.


We are in an era where fathers are taking a more active role in their children’s lives.

With more and more women increasingly paving a career in the working world, the men are likewise contributing to the time put in doing their domestics and taking care of their children.


We are featuring images, some featuring the male that spans generation and others are photos of dads and their children that will make you go jelly just from seeing them.

The bond between a child and their father is a special one.

We’ve always admired the relationships between children and their dads which is built on mutual trust and understanding. Something unspoken yet vividly


We’d like to dedicate this day to all fathers out there- old and young alike.

( DSCfathers-day-photography-bambini-202fathers-day-photography-bambini-203fathers-day-photography-bambini-205fathers-day-photography-bambini-204fathers-day-photography-bambini-206

Happy Parents, Happy Child | Family Studio Photography

“People here don’t smile, they look so unhappy all the time”, laments a woman to her friend. That is the exact words, quoted verbatim that was overheard in a crowded MRT.

What makes our job wonderful is that, we get to meet clients who readily throw their smiles and laughter at us.
This family photography session was a fun one to do.  Their little boy so easy with his gleeful smiles and would chuckle with happiness at all times.

He is a reflection of his parents who are, themselves easy with their smiles.

We’ve meet all sorts of parents in our line of work. Different parents adopt a variation of techniques when it comes to disciplining their child[ren] , the way they interact and communicate with their little ones tell a lot about the parents.

More often than not, we only need to look at a child, to gauge the personality of his or her parents.

When Dr Albert Bandura conducted the Bobo Doll experiment in the 60s, it opens a whole new gateway towards understanding social learning theory which fundamentally lets us to understand critically that: Children learn their behaviours from adults.

Some children spend a lot of time observing and processing information before they attempt something. Academics have found that imitation is vital to the development of abilities of children  from their language to social skills.

Often little boys copy their fathers and girls, their mothers. We might not realise it at times, but when children watch us raise our voice when communicating with them, it serves as a sign that the only way they are going to be understood is by doing the same thing.
If you have punched the wall whenever you feel frustrated around your children, they [children] are going to copy that level of aggression when they grow up.

Of course there are a lot of other factors that researcher that contributed to aggressive behaviour in children these days – violent video games, watching violent movies etc.

However, the message is clear, ‘ Good behaviour begins at home.’

If you speak words of truth, positive words and kind words- your children are going to mimic that.

The way you treat people around you,- be it with respect and kidness- the children are going to imitate that behaviour.

We always have to remember that, children are like a black piece of paper, a clean slate.  And we have to paint a good picture and wise words in order to grow them into a wonderful person.

And if one day, you were to gasp when you overheard your child cusssing, you might have to look just a little bit closer to home.



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