Twice the Charm | Family Studio Photography

We had the pleasure of taking the lovely picture of these twins for the children photography session.

Twins are always fascinating beings, it can be challenging at times trying to coordinate and have them posed before the camera.

But these twins are so adorable with their bambi-liked eyes and gleeful smiles and most of the time it is their comical expressions that blew us away.

They are simply too adorable.

Family Studio Sibling Photography


Family Studio PhotographyFamily Studio Photography

Curly Mini Redheads | Newborn Home Photography

Again, we had the pleasure of visiting a lovely house to do a newborn photography session of a beautiful baby girl who is only a week old.

The girls are a lovely bunch welcoming their little sister with so much love, with their curly hair bouncing in every direction. It was a fun shoot
watching the two older siblings interact with one another.

An article from Time Magazine wrote on ‘The Physics of Curly Hair’ which basically mentioned that curly hair has a personality on its own,  “If the hair extends the length of the head or beyond, it’s called a 3-D global helix
and its behavior becomes more complex accordingly. It is no wonder that people or even girls with curly hair often carry on their own charms like no other.

The way they looked, like angels who have descended upon the earth. It didn’t ‘help’ that these girls all are born redheads, which added incredibly to their cuteness factor that make them into an extremely lovable bunch.

We can’t wait to see how her curly hair is going to grow.


All or Naught | Children Studio Photography

As mentioned time and again on our social media site and blog that we are deeply grateful of the clients who continuously
show their supports by booking our family photography service not once- but with each passing year with additional family members in tow.

Once again we get to see familiar faces among our ever-growing clients.
It has been close to a year since we last photographed this lovely pair  of siblings.

And as always, it never fails to amaze us  to see the rate at how children grow these days.
It warmed our hearts a little every time they return so that we could have a mini- reunion session with the little ones.

We always believe that when we look into their eyes, the people we photographed, we know it is all or naught.
This is the reason why we work so hard, why we strive to perfect our images and try to be the best because we know that the moments is right here to be preserved.

Because children grow at an extreme pace, they may retain a little of their looks-  their smiles, their smirks, their frowns…maybe- but we all know that they cannot go back to what they look like, once their naivety is gone.

Children Family Photography Singapore
Children Family Photography SingaporeChildren Family Photography SingaporeChildren Family Photography Singapore
Children Family Photography SingaporeChildren Family Photography Singapore

Diary of a Tiny Gentleman III | Family Studio Photography


Dearest Mommy and Daddy,

I wish to learn how to climb trees when my feet and hands are strong enough.
I want to learn how to ride bikes, so I can play along with the other children in the neighborhood.
We absolutely have to pay a visit to the local pool, so I can splash in the child’s pool.
Let us hit the beach so we can build a fort, a castle and maybe play a round of sand ball war.
Let us find the time to seek the unbeaten path, set up a tent and sleep under the stars.
And most of all, let us not forget to dream big.



Children Family Portraiture SingaporeChildren Family Photography SingaporeChildren Family Photography SingaporeChildren Family Photography Singapore

Diary of a Tiny Gentleman II| Family Studio Photography

The rules to being the perfect little man:

– Always accept the kiss and hug coming my way from mom and dad.
– Always knowing that I am loved.
– Always remember that sharing is caring.
– Try not to misbehave whenever I possibly can.
– Will do my best to lessen the decibels of my wailing when I am hungry.
– Do try to not be cranky when my siesta is disturbed.
– Make sure that mom and dad always always have time for me.


Children Family Photography SingaporeChildren Family Photography Singapore

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