Dressy or Simple | Family Studio Photography

I’m a little extreme. Either I can be real minimalist and I go out dressed in all black, or I’m a little bit over the top like when a few of my friends complimented me last week saying I look like a princess in my outfit for the day – I had on this big poofy shimmery purple skirt (I was slightly embarassed by myself… hahaha)

Why was I talking about outfits again?

Yes, so I went one round just to say this, I really like what Charles and family came to the shoot in! Minimalist, just white.
The clothes doesn’t ‘fight’ with the people for attention! That’s the style of photography we prefer @ Bambini: neutral, earthy tones, natural.
You see their smiles not their clothes.

(Although, nothing wrong if you like something more dressy – I mean I honestly love dressy stuff too, I did go out in a shiny skirt and I wasn’t kidding when I say it was big… HA)

Whatever it is, at the end of it, it is your preference really! Dressy or simple – we can still get creative and what we want to do here at Bambini Photography is to give you our best to produce the best images we know how and still leave you with a wonderful experience and fun time! (Sounds very ambitious… But really, that’s what we hope to achieve and will do our best for it! :D)

And thank you Charles and family! For leaving us a facebook review too… Appreciate that so much, really! :)

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Happy Mothers’ Day! | Newborn Family Home Photography

A Mother

When you’re a child she walks before you…
To set an example.
When you’re a teenager she walks behind you…
To be there should you need her.
When you’re an adult she walks beside you…
So that as two friends you can enjoy life together.

– Unknown

Happy Mothers’ Day to Shamane, and yes to every mummy that would see this too!
And my mummy :)

“Successful mothers are not the ones that have never struggled. They are the ones that never give up, despite the struggles.”
– Sharon Jaynes

And sometimes those struggles are really us kids… Thank you :’)

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Bubbly together | Newborn Sibling Home Photography

She’s a cheeky little girl! I think we hardly needed to warm-up at all… We laughed alot too, going ‘hahaha’ and ‘hehehe’ for all the shots we wanted to capture of these two siblings together. Bubbly kids will be bubbly kids, running around and often harder to get them to stop and sit still. (Even myself as an adult, I can hardly stay still, I have no idea how my parents handled me… hahaha) But it’s all fun too! We could talk and communicate and big sister here took my instructions very well :) I say we did well to get quite a bit of variety for the sibling photographs, no?

Sibling photographs will always be challenging, no matter the age – different age just means different kind of challenge. But it’s ok, let’s do this! I’m up for anything and I really love being able to interact with all these children while getting the photographs too.

When we’re packed up and before we go, I asked mummy if I could take a photo with this girl too, and she was so funny and suggested to take video instead – so now I have a 3 seconds clip in my phone of us laughing… <3 <3 <3

Thank you :)


Spending Family-time | Family Outdoor Photography

(www.bambiniphoto.sg)(www.bambiniphoto.sg)Not every kid is comfortable around strangers, and when you are planning to have a family photoshoot – unfortunately, the photographer would be the stranger, that you hope your kid would feel comfortable with!

That is a valid concern and we are aware! As photographers, we want to spend sometime with your kids to just get them to warm-up to us first, and definitely get to know you (mummy and daddy) a little before we jump into the photoshoot. We are not just concern in giving you the final products (the photos) but that you enjoyed the photography session with us as well!

It is like you are just spending family time, but the only difference is you have a photographer with you this round – so you get those family moments captured :)

Once your kid has warmed up – we start the photography session! When he/she is comfortable with us, that is when I feel they can be most themselves – which is when the photos turned out the best.

So if you’re having a family photoshoot with us anytime soon and if our photographers are just talking to you and your kids at the start and you’re wondering why we’re still not starting to take pictures, it’s not because we’re slacking, we are wanting to connect with your children and you as much as we can, so we can produce the best shots we want to for your family!


Cool & Calm | Family Studio Photography

(www.bambiniphoto.sg)This little two-year-old boy isn’t your typical run-around, bump-around kind of kid, he was shy, but cool and calm. He had the sweetest smile too! Mummy told us he is very expressive once he open up and that’s what they are hoping to capture – his many facial expressions :)

After some formal family photos, we were having playtime! Took out the toys, and have mummy and daddy play with him – to get those natural candid photos too – just having fun as a family :D

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