What  a lovely way to spend a Friday morning – with our favourite Chapter Zero mommies, getting expert advice on how to understand children and care for them more mindfully. Camden Medical Centre was a great venue, with loads of natural light and comfortable furnishings, creating a cozy, intimate environment with a breezy openness. Babies played and explored on the floor, mommies chatted over coffee, perused the stands of event partners, and listened up for great advice!

The speakers talked about the different aspects of mindful parenting – how to help a young child thrive, and how to raise children in natural environments. Parents are inundated with often contradictory information on how they need to act/how they should parent their kids. The talks, however, simplified parenting ideas by addressing what children really need (mental, emotional, physical, psychological) and outlining the developmental milestones that really matter.

No Chapter Zero event would be complete without a music jam – that’s always a highlight! Parents and children sat in a circle dancing, clapping, drumming along with the more coordinated/enthusiastic adults trying out capoeira moves.