“We are celebrating our 10-years anniversary,” said the mom and dad.

The couple decided to spend the special occasion by booking a children photography session with us.
We were more than happy to oblige after seeing the three charming little girls emerging from their side.

The oldest, Raeann like most girls are enchanted by Disney Princessess and would chime in excitement when she sees anything that is princess related – that and pink and red tones,  colour codes that is distinctive with fun princesses.

The middle-child Gwenyth has a ‘lifelong’ relationship with her duckie which she lovingly brought with her to the shoot. That aside, she has the penchant to mimic and think that she is a lioness despite the obvious fact that she’s born in the year of the Tiger. She is feisty and she roars too.

The little one, the baby of the family Nicole dons a really cute tendrils for her updo. Imitating those afro puffs like she’s back in the 70s. She is not one to part with the duckie and loves having her two older sister by her side.

The girls may all be different in characters but they do share the same electrifying smile- with dimples so deep and twinkling eyes.

A wise man once said “Blessed be the parents who have three daughters.”

I do not doubt that in the least for I can imagine the endless happiness they bring forth upon their parents.

Three girls are indeed the charm.