Professional Corporate Headshots – Do I Need It?

Do I reaaaaaally need Corporate Headshots of myself now? Or is it a MUST in this climate?

Major disruptions to work have taken a toll on many employees as well as business owners. Since early to mid 2021, businesses around the world are seeing waves of resignation and role changes.  So much so that the ‘Great Resignation‘ even made it to Wikipedia. 

How Soon Do I Need A Headshot Done?

Opportunities arises with every challenge. We cannot control whats beyond our control but we can certainly do our part to control what we can for ourselves and others.

Maybe you’re a fresh graduate and about to step into the working world, not sure what or how you are going to get to that job yet. Have you prepared your photo for your CV to compete with experienced talent?

Perhaps your company had been looking to update the website to show images of your team, so potential clients can put a face to a name to make you relatable. Or even the company could want to be more active on LinkedIn and need professional profile shots of key members in the company.

When businesses pivots and evolve to include more digital touch points at an accelerated rate, it is inevitable that an updated headshot of yourself and your team would be needed. It is said that a picture tells a thousand words and it is the first impression of you of whether you are given the opportunity for the interview. Do you have your professional headshot for your fighting chance?

How soon? Recent article published by Linkedin recommends every 3-6 months; some others recommended updating your profile photo every 1or 2 years, maximum.

For us, we’d say as soon as possible if you haven’t had a professional headshot done before; or the headshot you had been using is at least 2 years old and you certainly don’t look like 2 years ago anymore.

Still unsure? We’re here to help! Download Our Corporate Lookbook. We are sure you will find something that fits what you need from there.

I recently had corporate profile and head shots done at Bambini and could not be more pleased with the result. Very professional services that I highly recommend! – Molly

    Have You Been Doing This?

    Our experience shows that majority of people haven’t been looking for work in the past 2-3 years, and the last time they have their corporate images taken were from 4-6 years ago.

    Have you been using an old photo of yourself? Or maybe been cropping a group photo to just your face? Or have you been using your selfie images?

    If you have been doing these, it’s a sign you need to do a corporate headshots for yourself.

    There’s nothing wrong with these images on a personal level, but your photos should represent the kind of person you are and still be taken seriously and professionally. Stand out from the rest, a professionally done corporate headshot is a much needed tool in today’s tough job market.

    Needed a corporate photo and came across on Google. Making an appointment and getting the photos all in 2 weeks. Amazing service and quick turnaround. Special thanks to photographer Magdalene and admin Lydia! – Garion

    Why Do I Need Corporate Headshots For?

    1. Resume

    Even if you’re not looking for new jobs, it’s always important to be prepared. You may never know the importance of it till you need it urgently. It’s important to have a professional headshot of you because a photo speaks a thousand words more quickly than what’s written on your resume. It’s the first impression.

    2. It’s been requested by your current company

    Your company may want to build a brand image with the help of consistent images of the team on the company’s website, brochures, announcements, annual reports or even for company events.

    3. Be searchable on LinkedIn

    You can decide on the vibe you’d like to give out, professional yet approachable, professional yet casual, fun or however you need it to be! But still being taken seriously with a professional photo, and not a pixelated image from your phone.

    4. Networking 

    When you’re out for work events or even if you’ve bumped into a stranger who is from a company you’d be open to get to know with, a business card will definitely come in handy! Business cards are great for you to easily be contacted. Nowadays, there’s even digital business cards, so a professional headshot is important to put a face to your contact details. 

    5. Personal Branding 

    If you’ve started your own business, you need to ensure your targeted audience understand your visions as a company through a congruent style that reflects that. This applies to your personal headshots as well!

    6. Personal Images for Social Platforms

    Be it Facebook, Twitter, Tinder, Tik Tok and all the other social media platforms these days, we need a professional photo taken of us to encapsulate the kind of person we are out there!

    Download Corporate Lookbook

    This is the time where you need to stand out, a normal passport photo picture of yourself is not going to cut it where there are more people fighting for the job that you are after, the attention of your prospects when they are deciding between you and your competitor.

    Invest in a few professional headshots of yourself, and simply enjoy the shoot experience while we do the rest. A simple photo can help to even boost your confidence in yourself and the skills you present. Be proud of yourself, you’ve come a long way!

    If you think this is what you need to give yourself a push further in the job market or for job security, just drop us an email for more information at or WhatsApp us at +65 8717 1558 and we’ll get back to you the soonest.

    Had a really fun corporate photoshoot session! Team was happy to communicate with me via email throughout & will give you a step-by-step guide on what to expect on the day of, what to pay, what to prepare etc. The end product was really good, worth recommending to others.

    Shereen, May 2021
    Shereen, May 2021

    Good Communication, professional, efficient and value for money. Great pics.

    Dr Hisham
    Dr Hisham
    September 2021

    Can speak highly enough of the team at Bambini. From the booking of the slot to the photographer (Maya), the photos taken the whole experience was first class. Highly recommended!

    Ross Mackay, June 2022
    Ross Mackay, June 2022

    Bambini was very accommodating to my last minute request, despite close to closing time, my headshot photo session was done after 5 p.m. I am very appreciative for the arrangement. Miss Lydia was very prompt with the administrations of my request. She did it very swiftly. Hence, booking and all my other queries were made easy for me. I am very thankful for this. As for Mr Syafiq, Bambini’s photographer, he is really wonderful. His calming disposition made the entire session very relaxing and appeasing for me. Kudos to Bambini for having such fine personnel.

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