Again, we had the pleasure of visiting a lovely house to do a newborn photography session of a beautiful baby girl who is only a week old.

The girls are a lovely bunch welcoming their little sister with so much love, with their curly hair bouncing in every direction. It was a fun shoot
watching the two older siblings interact with one another.

An article from Time Magazine wrote on ‘The Physics of Curly Hair’ which basically mentioned that curly hair has a personality on its own,  “If the hair extends the length of the head or beyond, it’s called a 3-D global helix
and its behavior becomes more complex accordingly. It is no wonder that people or even girls with curly hair often carry on their own charms like no other.

The way they looked, like angels who have descended upon the earth. It didn’t ‘help’ that these girls all are born redheads, which added incredibly to their cuteness factor that make them into an extremely lovable bunch.

We can’t wait to see how her curly hair is going to grow.