(www.bambiniphoto.sg)I finally got this done!! *dance around* This was kind of a personal project for me and I get to share it now!

I photograph Bryan and Sharon for their engagement, this was 3 years back I think and it was when I was still freelancing and not with Bambini yet. I always love the colours of Little India – all the shophouses and alleyways – but it wasn’t your usual location for a photoshoot, so I didn’t have the opportunity to shoot there till I suggested to this couple and they were willing to take the risk with me and we created this series of images! (which I really love btw)

They were long-time friends with me, and 3 years later, they have baby Judith, who is turning 1 year old, and I’m shooting families and kids in Bambini – AND THEN THIS IDEA! (Because I really like Little India, and it’s not the usual location for family photoshoots either – so this is my chance to go shoot there again, haha)

We head back to Little India, and looked for the exact spot that their engagement photos were taken, and we have Judith with them this time.
Yay! Something different and we had fun in the process and I like how all the photos turned out!