(www.bambiniphoto.sg)Daddy works nearby this park and we had the photoshoot during the weekend, non-office hours! And I must say, it was so nice being in a park and so quiet and serene on a weekend :D And we won’t get people in the background of our photos!
One of the biggest concern we have for outdoor photoshoot is the weather, I mean what do we say to one another almost every other day, especially when we run of out things to say, “The weather is so hot today…” or “It’s been raining everyday!”
haha, yes weather is a big concern, photoshoot or not.

We usually have our photoshoots earlier the day or towards the evening when the sunlight is the best – and feels the best too. And for this photoshoot, we were like checking traffic cameras, texting here and back, looking at the sky… because it was rainy on one side of Singapore, and clearing out the next.

Thankfully, the sun was out and we went ahead with the photoshoot session and the weather stayed brilliant! We also had strong wind, I think I didn’t quite perspire for this photoshoot too… See that blow of wind in the girls’ hair for their individual photos!

haha bad or good weather, we can always work things out! :) Our clients have their photographers’ numbers and we stay in contact to work out any details necessary on the day of the shoot.