We are once again reunited with Frankie whom we last seen still under two weeks old for the newborn photography session.

This time round the family has chosen an outdoor venue for their family photoshoot. It is a nice change of scenery after having had cooped in the studio for a couple of hours, staring at the screen, perfecting the images of families and happy faces.

We were blessed with a wonderful weather, with the sun radiating its warmth counterbalancing the balmy air in the garden.

To some people, the sun may just be one of the element in the world. It works to signify the day time. It helps to dry wet laundry and well…beachgoers love the sun. To photographers, however, the sun is more than that. The rays serves to act as a lighting mechanism. They served to provide a soft finish and most of the time  gives ‘a dream-like’ coat to photos.

That aside, we are very pleased that the sun seemed to be on our side, capturing  little Lori’s expression perfectly at every angle. He is generous with his smiles and everything seemed to fascinate him, making the shoot a walk in the park indeed.

We really hope to be a part of their journey again- perhaps next time- with a new little addition to the wholesome family.

“A family is a circle of strength and love.
With every birth and every union the circle grows.
Every joy shared adds more love.”