It’s good to see a familiar face once again for this round of outdoor family photography.
We were so excited that we’d be able to meet him and couldn’t wait to get cracking at snapping away.

It was last year when we saw him at the studio snuggling the ‘Little Minion’ flushies. His hair has grown, he is bigger and very much active.

Yet some things remain , he is still the jovial little kiddo with an ever-charming smile [only this time round with a new row of teeth].

It didn’t take long before we get the shots, as this little fellow has a photogenic genes in him. He loves the outdoor
and was happy  to run about minding his own business.

The session came to an end and time felt like it was moving faster. It is indeed true when they say that time moves faster when one is enjoying themselves.

We then bid each other goodbyes- smiles planted on our faces, knowing that the day has been well spent.
We certainly are anticipating how he’d be again next year or the year after.