It was a compromising day for an outdoor family photography session.
The sun was compliant and soft, a perfect sort of lighting we needed for a beautiful shoot.
The skyscraper, Art Science Museum and Singapore Flyer made a picturesque backdrop that looks
pretty even in bokeh mode.

Growing up in an orthodox Asian family in the 90s, public display affection are more often than not – nonexistent.
Criticism and strings of nags are the way Asian parents in showing their children that they are cared for.
Times have change though, modern parenting has been adopted by many young parents these days,
where public display affections towards children are encouraged.

Still, it is always heartwarming to see family members openly showing gestures of affection towards each other.
The way their children confidently plant kisses on their parent’s cheeks or even to give them a big squeeze whenever
they feel like it.
The easiness and fluidity of a child’s behaviour around his parents reflects the kind of parenting that is built upon
mutual trust and respect.
And to be able to witness that symbiosis- is truly wondorous indeed.

“A child’s kiss is magic. Why else would they be so stingy with them?”

– Harvey Fierstein