It’s my wish, one day in the future when I go on my honeymoon or travel somewhere with my family, I will engage a local photographer to capture all of us and have our memories in print.

You can then imagine how delightful I was when my boss informed me about an upcoming outdoor photoshoot just like that!

My clients are from India and they traveled to Singapore for a short vacation. Also, if I can say, it seems like it was part of their checklist to have a photoshoot done while they are here as we received the email enquiry weeks earlier to book the timeslot.

So fun! Like destination photoshoot, except I’m not going anywhere, they are coming here. Good enough for me… hehe

( by now, if you followed the posts on our outdoor photoshoots, you would notice quite some sunflare in most of the images. While getting sunflare in images is supposedly a technical mistake, I still really love it – that ethereal, dreamy look it gives sometimes, is so beautiful!

But even with that, I still try not to overdo it, but when my client requested for it and I saw that they like the same effect sunflare creates as I do – there’s no stopping me nowww!

Ok, let’s go! Sunflare for every solo shot and the family shot, check!

(– yong