family-outdoor-photography-010( might have seen an image of this lovely couple in a sneak peek post I did on facebook, so here, are just some selects from the photoshoot that I like too! We learn not to spam, including images, but it took me awhile to narrow down to these few.. Ok, I’m biased, they’re taken by me so obviously I will like them, and yes I do like them. And maybe these are not so few after all… hahaha!

This family had a photo session with us to celebrate daddy and mummy’s wedding aniversary, and it’s their 24th year! It was planned slightly earlier than the anniversary date so we could get the photos ready by then for the family. After so long, and the kids are all growing-up, I thought they still look so in love. Through thick and thin, highs and lows, I believe they went through all that, and truly a love refined through fire and came out as pure gold (like the sunset!) Many many blessings to this family for many many more years of precious memories and love <3

(See yesterday’s post here for more images of the children)

SONY DSC( DSCSONY DSCAnd many thanks to the Joseph family who left us a wonderful review too!