Bambini Photography Singapore Children PhotographerThis photography session is so much fun! The kids are so lively and we love capturing these beautiful moments when this two siblings are cuddling each other! *cue awwwwww*

Our family photography sessions are an hour and this family came ready with different choices of clothing that gives a different look when they were having their whole family group shots and when each kid has their individual shoot.

The girl in her ballerina outfit, and digging her nose?! hahaha, that just totally made my day and cracked me up!
Elder brother looks totally suave in his blue cap and his piercing gaze, not forgetting his charming smile! (Ok, I love my job)

We have traditional family photoshoots, we sit and pose and smile. But then we have these kind where we just let loose and go a little wild!

Hey, what I really mean is, just be yourself. If you’re quiet and serious, that’s totally cool, we don’t have to talk much and capturing that will show you at your very best, being you! But if you’re a little more outgoing and just holding back there, we can on some music and get all the kids dancing and we will dance along with you too. hahaha!

I mean, when you’re feeling comfortable and enjoying yourself, that’s when the photos looks their best and that’s what we want you to bring home – beautiful photos and a wonderful experience – that’s our goal for every session here at Bambini Photography.

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