“Your life is a canvas, make sure you paint your days with a whole lot of colourful days.”


This is one of the most exciting maternity shoot to date.

We seldom get a chance to venture outdoor for maternity photography but when we do, we always have tons of fun.

It was breezy late afternoon, the sun and wind is in our favour making it a very conducive environment for a maternity photo session.

This colourful couple came prepared.

Mummy-to-be is a big fan of the series of “My Little Ponies”, the unicorns which has rainbow manes and tails and she love anything colourful.

Knowing that, our photographer picked a colourful floral background as the backdrop of their shoot.

It was a relaxing and fun photoshoot and pictures captured are so naturally beautiful.

Yong En, our photographer for that day has told them to treat their photoshoot session as if they are on a date and she is here to help capture their special day together.

It did the trick and it helped loosen the tension, soon the couple were in their way doing their thing, while Yong tailed them, her fingers active on the shutter.

We really hope we get to see this lovely vibrant couple again for their newborn session.

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