Most attractive couple we had the privilege of photographing.

Mummy-to-be is extremely photogenic and was always ready with a pose. We were wondering if she used to be a model since she’s adept at being photographed.

They dynamic between the couple is electrifying, having known one another for most of their lives.

We would bet that their little bundle is going to look mighty gorgeous.

That being said, Hari Raya is fast approaching and will mark the end of the month-long fasting season.

We hope those who are celebrating the occasion, we sure hope that your abode is well-stocked with ‘kuih’ and ‘keropok’ for the guests who will be swarming your home with well-wishes.

It is time where the Muslim seeks forgiveness and be forgiven, a time to be merry and start anew.

It is a glorious time to indulge in savoury-rich food without feeling guilty.

We’d say bring on the ‘Rendang’ and ‘Lontong’!