(www.bambiniphoto.sg) It’s February! Another new month and something new to share! We have kept this under wraps for so long… I realized we haven’t gotten any images like these up on our website yet even though we have tried this new look for several months (*oops)

I love warm colours and this is just my preference and I think this preference shows up alot in my choice of fabric and even in my style of editing. When we got this new furry rug, I was pretty excited and I really love the brown tone and coupled with our favourite tulle… I LOVE IT so muchhh (inserts many hearts emoji <3 <3 <3)

Plus! We had a staff that was good at sewing and we got her to sew this little cute skirt that we started using for our newborn girls photoshoot (see image above). It’s so adorable! Wouldn’t you agree?

More images to come from this newborn photography session at home!