Posing a newborn for newborn photography takes requires a lot of hours of practice.

A handful of people may have the natural prowess when it comes to handling baby, they somewhat understand what the baby needs, or when they were about to cry or even laugh. While for many others, handling a baby requires a lot of learning experience, in which they have to study and inject many  hours into understanding and learning the anatomy of a baby, reading books to know what position or poses that babies might prefer, all that- to hone their skills.

Our mentor, Hart is one such person who falls in the minority. He is what we call the “Baby-Whisperer”, he can anticipate when a baby is going to smile, when they need to be fed and always the moment he cradles a newborn, they’d magically stop crying.

Posing newborn requires a great deal of understanding of a baby- what is comfortable and not for the little one. Therefore it was appalling when we see a renowned photo studio who posted a newborn shoot- who simply placed the baby on a prop, his legs not properly tucked in to elevate and give his the greatest comfort and his face shadowed and buried by the fabric that is not properly pillowed.

Photography is one thing, however the greatest priority still lies in making sure the newborn are feeling comfortable throughout the photo session.