I love how they are twins and yet they look so different. And the very first I noticed was the vast difference in their skin colour, which we intentionally left out in our editing. Some babies look more red in the early few weeks, and others look more yellowish usually because of jaundice and sometimes on request we do a little processing to edit away the jaundice or reddish skin. But here, despite it all, we wanted to keep it the way they are, no additional photoshopping was necessary. This was how they look and I felt that it was really precious for their family to remember or even for them to look back when they have grown up.

(www.bambiniphoto.sg)(www.bambiniphoto.sg)(www.bambiniphoto.sg)(www.bambiniphoto.sg)I’m not so good at telling who looks more like who, and if anyone asks me, I always not sure what to say, or I’ll just agree with them! But this time, in my opinion, I really thought one boy looked more like mummy and the other looked more like daddy and that’s so sweet! And so it was intentional on my part to get mummy to carry the boy that (in my opinion) looked more like daddy and daddy to carry the boy that looked more like mummy. I really love how the image turned out, and it’s rare for newborns to smile or even look at the camera (it would be best if we can even get all newborns asleep through the session) but for the family photograph we’ve gotten just that! Beautiful eyes and beautiful smile.