Photographing newborn today was filled with double the happiness  and excitement as we have a twin newborn for a photoshoot.

We once heard someone said that, God creates twins when he makes a face he really likes. There is something undeniably magical about meeting twins, as
it’s not every day that we get to meet one. According a study done in 2004, there are only about seven or nine twins in about 1000 babies born.

It is said that twins start bonding in their mom’s belly, there is also the thought that some twins do converse in their own lingo
and not to mention the phenomenon that there are twins who share telepathic abilities [that when one feels sad or are in pain, the other twin
might feel it too].

It’s no wonder they become a fascinating subject, one that draws interest and curious stares from onlookers.

Newborn Portraiture Singapore

Newborn Portraiture SingaporeNewborn Portraiture Singapore