This little boy was so sound asleep for his newborn photography session! As usual we brought our load of props for the shoot and by the time we have everything set-up, I feel like I used up all the living room space… oops (it was really alot of props.) And during the session, you don’t quite have the time to care to fold your fabrics properly after using it, it was fabric #1 then throw it one side, on to fabric #2 then leave it another side, then on to the next wrap or hat or pose… (so I always feel like I create such a mess in people’s house… hahaha) I do pack up! Just in case you thought we really leave behind a mess…

In fact, if you’re having us over at your place for a newborn photography session anytime soon, and if you see me start folding stuff when baby is feeding, changing, etc. Don’t misunderstand me as being eager to leave, I feel like the state of my workplace is the state of my mind, so folding my mess and packing a little helps me stay organized and focus too. (Or maybe I really shouldn’t be leaving all the fabrics I used all over the place, but just at ONE side, so it will be organized mess – but you know, that is the ideal… haha)

Well, mess or no mess, (getting poop/pee on the fabric or myself, counts as mess too, haha) – you won’t see it in the photos :) My personal opinion of a good photo is when it is clean and clutter-free – there is nothing that distracts the viewer from the subject or who the focus of the image is on.

Here’s leaving you, beautiful newborn images instead! No mess – clean, distraction-free photographs.

P.S. And I love the little red bow mummy and daddy had their baby boy (last image!)

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