3-6 Months Baby Photography

Milestone that captures their alertness, curiosity, tummy time and their goos and gaa’s:)

We came in to do the photoshoot with our 12 week old baby girl. We felt like we were all over the place during the shoot with our baby crying, fussing, smiling only when she was not in front of the camera and then, falling asleep! We got worried on what the photos would look like, but thankfully our photographer Fatilyn made her look like a super star! Fatilyn obviously has a lot of patience and experience! Thank you for making this so memorable and special for us! We will definitely be coming back for more! – Shabana

I’m really happy had my baby 6 months shoot with bambini ! The team are very friendly and patient . And the most of time they make me feel they really provide a good service. me and hubby like the outcome of the picture and definitely will come back soon for other session! Thank you!

Sabrina, September 2019
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Baby Milk Bath Photoshoot

New genre of baby photography. Extension of the Milk Bath Photography Series. Suited for 100 Days or Sitters (6-8 Month) Babies.

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