(www.bambiniphoto.sg)Hello, have you heard of senior portraits? I’ve surveyed my friends and random people around me in the past, and to us locals, we were like… erm, “senior citizens?”

Don’t laugh, but I feel that this genre is almost non-existent amongst us locals! But it is SO FUN to shoot! The closest we have is most probably the graduation photoshoot, but it’s very different when we’re shooting senior photography with siblings or friends than when dressed in a graduation gown with the motar board.

My point is to say, I don’t shoot grown-up kids as much as I want to, so despite my ever-existent nervousness, my insides were squealing with delight when I know I’ll get to shoot these teenagers and young adults! You probably can’t tell from my face, but I was like “YES!”

Ok, so what exactly is senior portraits or senior photography – (correct me if I’m wrong) senior here would be high school senior, and it’s a huge market overseas, but for me personally, if I’m shooting a grown-up kid, the photos pretty much falls under that category.

To these beautiful people:
Thank you for letting me shoot you guys and following my ‘long-chain’ of instructions to look here, look there, sit like this, stand like that, etc etc… I was sick that day but I’m so happy to have taken all these images, I think they really turned out well!

And before I bore you with more words of mine, just one last story I want to tell please! We stumbled into this quiet area and when I saw these iron bars (what do you even call them?), I took the liberty and volunteered the eldest brother to climb up there first, then I noticed the setting sun and I ‘died’ hahaha… so happy the sisters and even the parents were ok with climbing up and eventually we did get a whole series of images of the family sitting on the iron bars. You can’t tell from these pictures, but they were pretty high! But yes, we practised good caution! Safety first, always!

More pictures to come! Stay tuned!