Standard Full Editing Reference Guide

In full editing, your images undergo detailed editing which includes removal of blemish, lighten dark undereye etc. This process will only be done to the images you selected as part of your package inclusion. The edits aim to tidy up the image and the subject to a point where the image still looks natural.


The images below show a visual guide on where and how far we edit the images during the full editing process. We will edit the images from Original Image (1) until (2) and will be sent for printing thereafter.  If you prefer extreme edits (3) , kindly indicate next to your selected images during your initial image selection.
Having said that however, do note that if you decide to go from original (1) to extreme (3) directly, and you change your mind and decide to to move it down to our standard full edits (2), additional editing charges may be incurred. We thank you for your understanding.