Like a Rose | Newborn Home Photography

( you have been following our instagram or facebook updates, you would have seen the above image when we shared it earlier! I didn’t feel like moving her after I was done wrapping the tulle, she looked like she was in a rose and I was also reminded of the fairytale story Thumbelina <3

And if you have seen our other blogposts too, we use alot of tulle as prop or material for both our maternity photoshoot and newborn photo sessions, and it’s becoming a series that we have and the idea itself makes me so excited!

But of course, tulle is not the only thing we use for our photography session, in fact you can expect quite a variety of images from a session with us! Below are some of the other images!

You can also click here to see the family images from this newborn photography session.


Lovely long eyelashes | 4 months Baby Studio Photography

( eyelashes… How? so cute… (this is where I will spam all sorts of heart-shaped emojis, except wordpress don’t quite have that. haha)

Rounds babies, wrapped in bonnet hats; sleeping babies with long eyelashes; babies playing with their little toes, fishball cheeks – aiyo, how to not love the baby? She is so adorable! And all the different expressions she has – all the different expressions a baby would have, what parents all love.

If you chanced upon this blogpost and missed a previous one from this same session, you can click here to check it out :)

What other concerns would people have when they approach us to enquire for a photoshoot? Clothing, what to bring for the babies to wear.

If you’re not sure what you like in terms of clothing, just bring your baby, because we have really adorable outfits for your babe in our Bambini studio! I mean that bonnet hat, just makes me squeal and I’ve heard many others that also squeal in delight when they saw their baby in it – it is a “my heart is going to melt” moment. Wouldn’t you agree?

If you don’t want to fuss your babe too much with changes in clothing – hey, naked babies are so cute too – and 1 to 5 months, isn’t that quite the chubbiest time to photograph your michelin baby ;)

Well, no matter what concerns you have, someone has probably asked it before you so we probably already addressed it before – so no worries and no obligations, just ask away, whatever to clear the concerns you may have.

Drop us an email at and we’ll do our best to get back to you asap.


(  (

Every single moment counts | 4 months Baby Studio Photography

SONY DSCMany people ask us, when is the best time to photograph their children? Best time in terms of when the kids would be most cooperative, easy, suitable for a shoot… But then, every age group of children even till they are teenagers, it is just a different set of challenges. Rather than having this question in mind, what age would you most want to have photos to remember of those precious memories?

They are only newborns for a month, toddlers for a few years then you see them run around as children for a couple more and before you know it – they hit the teenager phase, then they will be all grown up.

Every growing phase is precious to every parent I believe, and having photos bring you back to those memories and times you enjoyed with them in the stage they are in.

Yes, there will be sleepless nights when it comes to children, but hey – in Bambini we hope the photos we want to create for you bring you back to moments of laughter and of joy. Even crying times and sleepless moments can be heartfelt moments too. This is our vision, we want to preserve memories and touch lives.

We hear it too often, to slow down, to pause, to be present and see what’s around and in front of you. We all have good intentions, but sometimes good intentions are just that – intentions.

Make those intentions count, it’s not just pictures you are taking with us, not just a couple hundreds of bucks you’re spending – we believe in what we do and we hope to share this with you – to make life count, every single moment.

Drop us an email at today :’)

Bright and Sunny | Newborn Home Photography

( love bright and sunny! And when homes have day curtains, I almost always suggest to use that as background for the newborn family photos and I really love how it turns out :)

Loving long horizontal crops on photos for its panoramic feel and I also think they look great when printed as canvas to be displayed as a featured piece in your living room at home.

Here are some of them below, we hope you love them as much as we do!

( (

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