School’s Out – Build Your Memory Bank With Your Family

So you’ve ended up here! Maybe you’ve tried googling what to do during your kid’s school holidays because you’ve ran out of ideas. Holidays can be stressful at times especially when the kids get a little mischievous. But then again, holidays shouldn’t have to be this hard right? Remember just like how our school holidays once were with our parents?

As parents ourselves, we get that horrible feeling of not being able to spend enough time with our kids during school days just to keep the family going and to put food on the table.

Demands of our work can be unforgiving that it keeps us glued to our phones even when our kids are around. And when it’s time for us to take a breather, we spend time scrolling on our phones during the holidays as a form of unwinding and distressing from so much responsibilities at work or school.

When I look back at a photo of myself when I was a kid, at a swimming pool together with my whole family during a school holiday, I feel the same emotions as when the photo was captured even 10-20 years later. The rush of adrenaline – feeling real lucky to be alive, having spent the time with the people I love.

Love transcends time, and I think photos are the time machine we’ve always wished we could build.

But do you find yourself wishing you have more photos during the 2000/2010s era? Our parents took a lot of photos of us when we were kids, but our memory bank slowly reduced during our young adult/teenager phase. What happened to the other holidays and celebrations?

Are we guilty of taking advantage of the convenience we have from compact cameras and smartphones, just storing the photos somewhere in the iCloud?

To be honest, I can’t remember much of the memories during the memory bank “gap” period because…
1. I didn’t “have the time” to take proper photos and print them out to look at and remember
I can’t even remember the photos I took with my phone because of the convenience of the smartphones – we’re always snapping photos, sometimes without much thought put in
3. Our p
hotos are then just stored in the iCloud, piled under the new photos we’ve taken, along with screenshots/photos for work etc…

And learning from this, our suggestion is to always print them out.

Holidays give us time to explore life together with our loved ones. Even if you spend it at hawker centres, or just driving around Singapore idly, we find strength from our emotional memories & bond that is nurtured through family time, especially for our children. Remember that’s what our parents did for us?

We can see that in the photos that our parents took so that we can hold onto the memories, and cherish it forever.

Holidays need not be always extra special, it can even be an everyday activity with plenty more time to spend together with our kids. Go out and intentionally spend time with your kids and family, make every moment count no matter how small the activity is.

Capture and print the memories… because when they grow older, they have photos to look back and remember us and the times we spent together.

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Keep Dreaming and Make Reality | Graduation Family Photography

It’s graduation season! And if you have recently graduated, or someone in your family has graduated, congratulations!
It’s another milestone and all the more reason to celebrate! We make memories and when there’s that opportunity, take it.
Before we rush into the next thing in life, and struggle through the transition phase of figuring out what jobs to go for, the resumes and interviews, the steep learning curve at the job itself…

When reality hits? Now it’s time to work?

We leave you with this beautiful quote:

 “In response to those who say to stop dreaming and face reality, I say keep dreaming and make reality.” – Kristian Kan

Graduation-Photoshoot-Family-Photography-003 Graduation-Photoshoot-Family-Photography-004 Graduation-Photoshoot-Family-Photography-005Graduation-Photoshoot-Family-Photography-001Graduation-Photoshoot-Family-Photography-002If you’re interested to find out more, do drop us an email at or “CLICK HERE” to drop us a direct message via fb :) You can also  SMS/Whatsapp us @ 8717 1558!


Yuto’s favourite things | Children Studio Photography

When Yuto came into our studio, he was very shy. All he wanted was his mummy and daddy; he hugged them so tightly and wouldn’t let go.

Once we had sat down to read some books, however, Yuto quickly warmed up. He played with blocks and showed his parents how to drive, revealing a cheeky side to his sweet and gentle nature. He lit up the room with his silly faces and adorable smiles. It was quite touching to see how affectionate he was with both his parents, it was clear that he loved them both very, very much.


Photographing families isn’t just about producing a great image – it’s about capturing the personality of a family, and preserving real moments of joy to remember for many years to come.

Furry Love | Family Studio Photography

We always feel special when previous clients come back for another shoot and this time they came with the entire family. Baby Damian was a natural in front of the camera and of course the center of attention, who wouldn’t love those kissable cheeks and cute smile. He would just grab on to anything so he could stand up while the entire family cheering at his every successful attempt.

Of course let’s not forget about their furry little friend, while everyone was smiling and posing the poor little doggy was busy hiding under the chair. Every time the flash goes off, he goes quivering back to grandma but don’t worry no animals were harmed during the shoot.