The Safety Blanket | Family Outdoor Photography

We are really happy with the outcome of this family photography session.

Who would’ve thought that industrial sites can make a lovely background.

Those eye-catching yellow and turquoise cranes are quite a novel when it serves as background. They somehow added a sort of character into the family photos.

We had a lot of fun shooting them, they are such an easygoing family making the whole photo-taking experience a breeze.

There is a quote by Brad Pitt we happened to read, it says, “Having family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss… That’s the trade-off. But I’ll take it all.”

A family fills your life with profound meaning. Some family are born into, others are chosen.
Whatever they are, or how they come to be in your family. It is always a humbling feeling to know that there are those who will always have your back.

They are the safety net, safety blanket…


Instilling Positivity in Them | Children Studio Photography

Children are like sponges. They absorb the things they see, hear around them.

Being a parent is not an easy task, there are times when it slipped our mind that the little ones do take into account our behaviour.

We found this article which provide tips on how to encourage positive behaviours on children.

Below are  probably some of the things you’ve read in articles and books but again reading it again could be good to rehash some of the pointers you might have forgotten.

  1. Children do as you do. Your child watches you to get clues on how to behave in the world. You’re her role model, so use your own behaviour to guide her. What you do is often much more important than what you say. If you want your child to say ‘please’, say it yourself. If you don’t want your child to raise her voice, speak quietly and gently yourself.
  2. Show your child how you feel. Tell him honestly how his behaviour affects you. This will help him see his her own feelings in yours, like a mirror. This is called empathy. By the age of three, children can show real empathy. So you might say, ‘I’m getting upset because there is so much noise I can’t talk on the phone’. When you start the sentence with ‘I’, it gives your child the chance to see things from your perspective.
  3. Catch her being ‘good’. This simply means that when your child is behaving in a way you like, you can give her some positive feedback. For example, ‘Wow, you are playing so nicely. I really like the way you are keeping all the blocks on the table’. This works better than waiting for the blocks to come crashing to the floor before you take notice and bark, ‘Hey, stop that’. This positive feedback is sometimes called ‘descriptive praise’. Try to say six positive comments (praise and encouragement) for every negative comment (criticisms and reprimands). The 6-1 ratio keeps things in balance. Remember that if children have a choice only between no attention or negative attention, they will seek out negative attention.
  4. Get down to your child’s level. Kneeling or squatting down next to children is a very powerful tool for communicating positively with them. Getting close allows you to tune in to what they might be feeling or thinking. It also helps them focus on what you are saying or asking for. If you are close to your child and have his attention, there is no need to make him look at you.
  5. ‘I hear you.’ Active listening is another tool for helping young children cope with their emotions. They tend to get frustrated a lot, especially if they can’t express themselves well enough verbally. When you repeat back to them what you think they might be feeling, it helps to relieve some of their tension. It also makes them feel respected and comforted. It can diffuse many potential temper tantrums.
  6. Keep promises.  Stick to agreements. When you follow through on your promises, good or bad, your child learns to trust and respect you. So when you promise to go for a walk after she picks up her toys, make sure you have your walking shoes handy. When you say you will leave the library if she doesn’t stop running around, be prepared to leave straight away. No need to make a fuss about it – the more matter of fact, the better. This helps your child feel more secure, because it creates a consistent and predictable environment. 

You can check out the article in which we’ve hyperlinked above, to read more on them.

Good luck!


Newborn Photography is a Learned Skill, For Most of Us | Newborn Home Photography

Posing a newborn for newborn photography takes requires a lot of hours of practice.

A handful of people may have the natural prowess when it comes to handling baby, they somewhat understand what the baby needs, or when they were about to cry or even laugh. While for many others, handling a baby requires a lot of learning experience, in which they have to study and inject many  hours into understanding and learning the anatomy of a baby, reading books to know what position or poses that babies might prefer, all that- to hone their skills.

Our mentor, Hart is one such person who falls in the minority. He is what we call the “Baby-Whisperer”, he can anticipate when a baby is going to smile, when they need to be fed and always the moment he cradles a newborn, they’d magically stop crying.

Posing newborn requires a great deal of understanding of a baby- what is comfortable and not for the little one. Therefore it was appalling when we see a renowned photo studio who posted a newborn shoot- who simply placed the baby on a prop, his legs not properly tucked in to elevate and give his the greatest comfort and his face shadowed and buried by the fabric that is not properly pillowed.

Photography is one thing, however the greatest priority still lies in making sure the newborn are feeling comfortable throughout the photo session.


Twice the Charm | Family Studio Photography

We had the pleasure of taking the lovely picture of these twins for the children photography session.

Twins are always fascinating beings, it can be challenging at times trying to coordinate and have them posed before the camera.

But these twins are so adorable with their bambi-liked eyes and gleeful smiles and most of the time it is their comical expressions that blew us away.

They are simply too adorable.

Family Studio Sibling Photography


Family Studio PhotographyFamily Studio Photography

Little Minion | Family Outdoor Photography

It’s good to see a familiar face once again for this round of outdoor family photography.
We were so excited that we’d be able to meet him and couldn’t wait to get cracking at snapping away.

It was last year when we saw him at the studio snuggling the ‘Little Minion’ flushies. His hair has grown, he is bigger and very much active.

Yet some things remain , he is still the jovial little kiddo with an ever-charming smile [only this time round with a new row of teeth].

It didn’t take long before we get the shots, as this little fellow has a photogenic genes in him. He loves the outdoor
and was happy  to run about minding his own business.

The session came to an end and time felt like it was moving faster. It is indeed true when they say that time moves faster when one is enjoying themselves.

We then bid each other goodbyes- smiles planted on our faces, knowing that the day has been well spent.
We certainly are anticipating how he’d be again next year or the year after.



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