Sunny Island Set in the Sea | Family Outdoor Photography

(’m reminded of these song lyrics looking at this set of images, “Singapura, Oh Singapura, sunny island set in the sea.”

And ain’t that true! And as outdoor photographers, the weather plays a big part of the photoshoot. We all love that beautiful natural light during the magic hour, any harsh sunlight and you’ll get dark shadows and squinty eyes cause it’s too bright!

If you’re interested in having an outdoor photoshoot, we recommend early morning or evening timings unless it’s an overcast day – maybe afternoon timings is good, but risking a downpour in the middle of the shoot may not be so ideal, so bottomline – early mornings and evenings.

Do click here to see more of our outdoor photography sessions! Yes it’s hot in Singapore, but we can still capture beautiful images under natural sunlight =)


Happy Fathers’ Day | Studio, Home & Outdoor Photography

Traditionally, the role of a father in a household is minimal.

In a typical patriarchal society, a father is often taking the role of either the discplinarian and mostly the breadwinner of a family, and almost religiously- a person who is most revered and feared.

Times has since changed and the rule of father has somewhat shifted.


We are in an era where fathers are taking a more active role in their children’s lives.

With more and more women increasingly paving a career in the working world, the men are likewise contributing to the time put in doing their domestics and taking care of their children.


We are featuring images, some featuring the male that spans generation and others are photos of dads and their children that will make you go jelly just from seeing them.

The bond between a child and their father is a special one.

We’ve always admired the relationships between children and their dads which is built on mutual trust and understanding. Something unspoken yet vividly


We’d like to dedicate this day to all fathers out there- old and young alike.

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The Safety Blanket | Family Outdoor Photography

We are really happy with the outcome of this family photography session.

Who would’ve thought that industrial sites can make a lovely background.

Those eye-catching yellow and turquoise cranes are quite a novel when it serves as background. They somehow added a sort of character into the family photos.

We had a lot of fun shooting them, they are such an easygoing family making the whole photo-taking experience a breeze.

There is a quote by Brad Pitt we happened to read, it says, “Having family is a risky venture, because the greater the love, the greater the loss… That’s the trade-off. But I’ll take it all.”

A family fills your life with profound meaning. Some family are born into, others are chosen.
Whatever they are, or how they come to be in your family. It is always a humbling feeling to know that there are those who will always have your back.

They are the safety net, safety blanket…


Wondorous Kisses | Family Outdoor Photography

It was a compromising day for an outdoor family photography session.
The sun was compliant and soft, a perfect sort of lighting we needed for a beautiful shoot.
The skyscraper, Art Science Museum and Singapore Flyer made a picturesque backdrop that looks
pretty even in bokeh mode.

Growing up in an orthodox Asian family in the 90s, public display affection are more often than not – nonexistent.
Criticism and strings of nags are the way Asian parents in showing their children that they are cared for.
Times have change though, modern parenting has been adopted by many young parents these days,
where public display affections towards children are encouraged.

Still, it is always heartwarming to see family members openly showing gestures of affection towards each other.
The way their children confidently plant kisses on their parent’s cheeks or even to give them a big squeeze whenever
they feel like it.
The easiness and fluidity of a child’s behaviour around his parents reflects the kind of parenting that is built upon
mutual trust and respect.
And to be able to witness that symbiosis- is truly wondorous indeed.

“A child’s kiss is magic. Why else would they be so stingy with them?”

– Harvey Fierstein


Little Minion | Family Outdoor Photography

It’s good to see a familiar face once again for this round of outdoor family photography.
We were so excited that we’d be able to meet him and couldn’t wait to get cracking at snapping away.

It was last year when we saw him at the studio snuggling the ‘Little Minion’ flushies. His hair has grown, he is bigger and very much active.

Yet some things remain , he is still the jovial little kiddo with an ever-charming smile [only this time round with a new row of teeth].

It didn’t take long before we get the shots, as this little fellow has a photogenic genes in him. He loves the outdoor
and was happy  to run about minding his own business.

The session came to an end and time felt like it was moving faster. It is indeed true when they say that time moves faster when one is enjoying themselves.

We then bid each other goodbyes- smiles planted on our faces, knowing that the day has been well spent.
We certainly are anticipating how he’d be again next year or the year after.



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