3 Steps to Making Your Kid’s Birthday A Memorable Time! | Children Photography & Cake Smash Photography

Our little one will have their birthday soon! And we’re just cracking our heads on how we can make the celebration a memorable one…

As parents, we start worrying about many aspects, that includes: who to invite, how many people to invite, where to host, the food, the decor, whether our child will be overwhelmed with sheer number of new faces in the party, the safety, the mess, the allergies and the list goes on…

For some of you, you might think, well, why not have something simple yet memorable and put all the attention on the baby and don’t worry about everyone else… and have something to look back to when they grow up….

We have created a simple yet effective – 3 looks in 1 birthday celebration shoot!

This is how we do it at Bambini:

1. Start With Modern Minimalist Images

Before things gets messy, we start with something simple and where it will stand the test of time… Big smiley faces with all the attention on you. A modern minimalist concept with bright and happy simple backdrops :)

2. Get Funky With Special Party Backdrops!

Our children add colours to our lives and we want to show just that – it’s all bright and cheery, no day is a dull day with my little one. We have curated some beautiful backdrops that includes our handmade walls to add more colours in the images. After all, the more the merrier…

3. To Smash Or Not To Smash – It’s Up To You!

And for the finale! Some of you might decide to let loose and let your child have a taste of cake and of course, those that might be allergic to any of those cake ingredient, you can enjoy more with the balloon, and more balloons…

If you are prepared to get down and enjoy life and let them get messy, Cake Smash is another way that you can have your finale.

Let them explore, let them have their first taste of cake, the sensorial exploration and just enjoy life to its fullest!

Our Cake Smash Photoshoot comes with the cake! We’ll order it for you and you can choose the colours too.

Still unsure, see the 5 Tips for a great cake smash photoshoot.

For details, we can discuss over whatsapp and email, let us hear what you have in mind and we’ll work together to make it happen!

Whatsapp/call us at  8717 1558,  email us at info@bambiniphoto.sg or Message Us to find out more!

It’s like a Dream come True as I’ve always wanted to have a complete family photoshoot with our baby and our little bunny. Decided to choose Bambini for our baby’s First B’dae photoshoot and photos are too pretty. Our photographer Melissa was wonderful and professional and she took so many pics of us and our real time interaction. She also managed to make our baby smile and ensure the safety of our bunny. Photos are too lovely and we just needed to purchase all of them. Thanks Melissa & Bambini!


We booked a baby cake smash photography session with Bambini for my child’s one year old birthday celebration. The experience was fantastic. We had lots of fun at the studio and loved the beautiful photos taken by Melissa. Communication was a breeze with the team responding very quickly to emails. Thank you Melissa and Shawna for the wonderful experience. I highly recommend Bambini to anyone looking for professional photography.

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Baby Jeremiah turns one year old! | Children’s Party Photography

It is a very special day for Baby Jeremiah, as mentioned before in the previous post.
We were involved in the maternity photography and also the newborn shoot when he was only a few days old.

We are happy to be involved this time round for a family photography session of the big family.

Just a little background on this clan – they are made up of highly successful people.
Baby Jeremiah parents are doctors themselves. Therefore you can imagine how special the day is for the little one who is turning one-year-old.

With agong, ahma, aunties, uncles, daddy, mommy, and family friends in tow celebrating the occasion, Baby Jeremiah’s birthday won’t go without some fun and games for him.

Like the traditional Korean first birthday ceremony, called Doljanchi.  The family had prepared a fortune telling game for the little one. There was several items laid on a round tray. Jeremiah is supposed to pick up an item that attracts him, the item he picks is said to predict his future career. For example: a calculator would mean that he will be an accountant in the future; if he picks up the books it forecasted that he will be a good scholar; money means he will be a banker and lastly if he were to pick up the stethoscope, it will mean he  will be a doctor.

So this is where the fun begins…

Baby Jeremiah is then placed on the table and put to the test. Everyone surrounded him, anticipation is growing as they waited for him to pick the item that will signify his career. Some family members held their breaths as they watched Jeremiah’s little hands seemingly starts to reach for the calculator at first. His dad shouted, “NOOOO”, when he saw Baby Jeremiah pushed the calculator away and grabbed the stethoscope instead.  It was so loud and sudden that it startled Jeremiah and he started to cry.

Jeremiah’s daddy, knowing that he has scared the little one, began to cradle and started comforting him. Daddy explained to Jeremiah the reason as to his sudden outburst, he does not want Jeremiah to go through what he has gone through in order to become a doctor. He continued saying that, it is alright if Jeremiah wants to be a doctor in the future, that he will have the full support from both Mommy and Daddy.

It was a heartwarming scene to witness, to see the dynamics of each of the family members interacting with one another, the support they have for each other is indeed admirable.


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