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( watched online photography seminars as a past-time, and I always hear this word many pro photographers (my colleagues and boss too!) say as a remark while shooting – “Perfect”

It used to baffle me because logically there isn’t anything perfect, and we’re supposed to celebrate excellence over perfectionism – until I caught myself sub-consciously telling my client, “That’s great, perfect!”

Then I think I understood, it’s perfect because what’s going on before our camera and what we’re ready to capture is exactly how we have envisioned it in our minds – and as I was looking at these set of images my colleague shot and I thought, it’s perfect =) The fabric we use for maternity photoshoots flowed so beautifully on her, creating those little waves and how the light highlighted mummy’s face and how her hands are positioned over her baby bump – just the way we love the maternity images we create to look.

Critical people will still have critical words to say, but hey, no hating here – we love these, and we hope you love them just the same as we do =)


Feature in Young Parents Magazine | Maternity Studio Photography

This really got us excited! I mean, it’s a full page of an image we created and we are listed as one of the recommended maternity photography studios. Thank you Young Parents!

(You can see our full gallery of maternity images here or click here to see our blog for recent maternity sessions)

Some of the frequently asked questions we get are what do mummies have to prepare before a photoshoot, what goes on in a photoshoot, if I wanted to do some semi-nude maternity images how does it go? And sometimes the many questions might deter people from going ahead with doing a maternity photoshoot, which I quote Fann Wong from this article, is “a good keepsake to remember at this very precious moment of my life.”

If you have your doubts, have a read of the following, as Eveline Gan from Young Parents shares her maternity photoshoot experience with us, Bambini Photography: Or if you still have any other enquiries, just drop us an e-mail at!


Bambini Photography - Maternity Photoshoot - Singapore Photo Studio

What’s new? I did it, too.

Pose semi-nude with a baby bump, a la Fann Wong? Been there, done that – before the celeb mama. Eveline Gan shares her experience

Even if you’re not a fan of Fann Wong, you must have come across her almost bare-it-all pregnancy picture that had the town talking.
Shot in June, almost two months before she delivered her first baby in August, the 43-year-old local star posed with just a blue cloth covering her chest and hips. It was part of a shoot for slimming specialist Marie France Bodyline, which appointed her as its latest spokesman.

According to Fann’s confession in the accompanying press release, this was possibly one of the most “daring” shoots that she has ever done.

So if this was a bold move for the glamorous actress, I guess my husband was half right last year when he said I was out of my mind. I wanted to capture my pregnancy glow at eight months – and was contemplating taking semi-nude shots, too.

“Why do you want to take such photos? Is it going to be a male photographer?!” he huffed.

Why? Because I was spurred on by the very real possibility that my body might never again have such beautiful curves after we had a chat about stopping at two kids

Both my pregnancies marked momentous points in my life. If I had photos of my first birthday, kindergarten graduation and marriage, why not pregnancy?

Plus, many regular, conservative pregnant women – not just celebrities – have stripped to do such risque shoots. Just google “maternity photography” and the list of studios that pop up will leave you spoilt for choice.


Preen and Prep

I scouted around and settled for a photography studio which reassured me that its maternity shoots are handled by female photographers. The doors would be kept closed during the session, so that only the photographer has access to the area.

I found out that its team does about 20 maternity photo shoots every month, and it’s no unusual for mums to request intimate shots (about seven in 10 do so).

To help me prep for the shoot, a staff member e-mailed a detailed list of handy tips. For instance, avoid tight undergarments or clothing a few hours before the shoot as they will leave unsightly marks on the skin. Also, I should avoid applying stretch-mark creams before the photoshoot so that my belly wouldn’t look extra shiny in photographs.

She also reminded me to bring white and black boob tubes with matching bottoms, or a body-hugging dress. I didn’t have to worry about additional props like hats and scarves, as those were provided by the studio

However, I brought Baby’s ultrasound scans long as I felt those would provide a nice, personal touch.

At her recommendation, I also engaged a makeup artist, who visited me at home to do my hair and makeup. I might have felt bloated, but I certainly didn’t want to look sallow and frumpy in the photos.

Husbands can join in the shoot, but mine couldn’t take leave that day. Instead, I got my then-six-year-old daughter to come along.


Posing in the Buff

As a warm-up, my photographer got me to take some family-friendly shots with my girl, who had a great time messing around with the studio props.

When it was time for us to work on the semi-nude shots, she had a colleague watch cartoons with my child outside.

There was a brief moment of awkwardness when I removed my boob tube and shorts. I kept my panties on as i was too shy to bare everything, and wondered if I should even proceed with the intimate shots at all. The cellulite and stretch marks were embarrassingly obvious.

Sensing my discomfort, she quickly passed me a translucent sash to cover up my breasts, and taught me how to position the fabric so my private bits were covered.

Her professional and unassuming demeanour soon put me at ease. I thought she did a fantastic job of directing the poses so i could better show my curves. Towards the end of the hour-long session, I was comfortable enough to do away with the cloth and pose only in my underwear, hands over my boobs.

Those final few semi-naked shots, which were hardly edited, turn out so gorgeous that even my hard-to-impress husband exclaimed “Wow!” and saw my curves in a new light.

I kept the naughty but nice shots for his eyes only, and showed off the rest to family and friends, who complimented my baby bump. A few mummy friends expressed regret at not taking sexy studio shots during their pregnancies.

The album has since gone into the drawer; i will show it to my two daughters when they become mothers. But as Fann declared: “This will be a good keepsake to remember at this very precious moment of my life.”

If you’re considering a maternity photoshoot, I’d suggest that you wait until you hit 34 weeks. Looking back, my belly was more pronounced in the last few weeks and would have looked better in photos. In some of the shots where I was seated, I looked like I had a post-buffet paunch rather than a 32-week baby bump.

But, don’t wait too long, in case Baby decides to say hello earlier.

(You can read about our newborn feature in Young Parents Magazine here too)

I am not alone | Maternity Studio Photography

Running errands and talking on the phone,
I am pleasantly reminded that I am not alone.
Little tiny hands a precious rounded knee
pushing and twisting that no one can see.
Oh sweet child kicking up your heels,
it is our little secret that only I can feel.
I look forward to your birth,
when I can kiss your skin,
but for now I will just smile,
As I feel you play within.

– unknown


Essence of Photography | Maternity Studio Photography

To photograph is to hold one’s breath, when all faculties converge to capture fleeting reality. It’s at that precise moment that mastering an image becomes a great physical and intellectual joy.

 We have been getting a lot of request for a sensual soft silhouetted photos for maternity photography.

This technique of playing with the lighting creates a dewy look that is dreamy.

It eschewed subjects facial feature and helps to intensify the artistic form likened by many photo enthusiast.

Images produced can become a centerpiece in every household.

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