Nothing pleases us more than a happy client and knowing that our hard work is paid-off.

For those who don’t know- doing newborn photography requires a great deal of observation.

Likening the minuscule size of the baby, we too have to pay attention to the smallest of details when photographing a newborn baby.

From adjusting the volume of the white noise player , finding a suitable pose that is comfortable for the newborn baby, making sure that the room temperature is optimum for them -not too hot nor too cold- to ensuring that they are fed every now and then for a smooth session.

Newborn Portraits are done with the baby’s comfort as the top priority.

Positive feedbacks feel like a pat on the back for us and it humbles us to know that we have made a special moment happen for our client – pictures that are worth not only a thousand words, photo albums that will be kept not only for many years to come but also hold a special place in their hearts.

It is through positive word-of-mouths like this,  that we are able to establish a loyal pool of clientele who have made us a part of their growing family.
And for that we thank you from the bottom of our hearts, for our small-family business will not be possible without your support.

That aside, we have duly transcribed the content of the column below written by Eveline Gan from Young Parents, for those of you who want to scroll down and read them :



Newborn Photography SingaporePhotography for Newborns
“She’s going to pee on your prop,” I remarked when the photographer placed my naked baby on a velvet fabric. I had engaged the home service of Bambini Photography to take pictures of my 10-day old child.
Whiel I was a bundle of nerves during the session, my photographer, Yong En, was calm and professional. After all, she has handled more babies in her career – over 100! – than this mother of two.

Be Patient
Nothing fazed her, not even when my little one really wets the props. Along the way, I even picked up some tips on how to soothe a crying baby with the use of white noise, one of her essentials at every newborn photography session.
For a sleep-deprived new mum, the photo shoot can be a time-consuming affair. A typical session lasts between two and three hours. “This is because you have to deal with lots of interruptions like pee, poo and feeding time along the way,” explained Yong En.
Once we wrapped up the baby shots, Hubby, our six-year-old and I joined in for family pictures. You can include up to five members, which means grandparents can be part of the action, too.

Worth the wait
I was initially worried that my flat was too messy and cramped for the shoot, but I was wrong. Yong En, who once shot in a one-room apartment, says it’s possible to churn out professional-looking photos even with limited space.
The baby photos were shot in the nursery using fabric and props she brought along, while the family ones were done against a plain white wall in the living room. They were all done under natural lighting.
While a newborn photo session isn’t cheap, the result is priceless. I especially love the shots where my little one looked like she was contemplating life, as well as those that showed her curled up in a foetal position.
Now five months old, my baby has ‘stretched out’ and looks nothing like her newborn self. But I have her tiny, 10-day-old newness immortalised in those photos.

How much
The package, at $480, includes about 35 good web-resolution images and one s8R print. Additional prints and images in higher resolution will be charged separately. Weekday Studio Newborn Session includes a $80 credit for use on products.
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