Why You Need To Do A Kindergarten Photoshoot?

Yes, you managed to complete your child’s Primary 1 Registration successfully!

That certainly calls for a celebration!

Your baby will be ready to move on to big school with bigger space, lots of classes and many more children. You can’t help but feel proud of what they have learnt and become in the first 6 years of their life.

You would have to agree that graduating from Kindergarten is definitely one of your child’s biggest milestone achieved to date.

Where Have All The Time Gone?

This is when reality sets in!

You realised that your child has grown so so much from the time you remember of them when they were a newborn baby. You feel that parenthood had accelerated time and wondered where all the time had gone…

The only hardcopy photograph that you might have of your child is their newborn photo or passport photo?

You start to wonder if you can freeze time or turn back the clock? Whether you should have tried to get some professional photos done for your child in between those years.

You are not alone!

We have been photographing families for the last 12 years, since 2009 and have heard and seen lots.

This is exactly the reason why we exist.

Is It Time To Celebrate?

Many studies have shown that celebrating milestones help give children a sense of accomplishment and pride.

With the kindergarten graduation ceremonies scaled down in recent times, many families have thought about ways to celebrate safely. Many clients whom we have talked to have actually thought about doing a professional family portrait for years! 

Some have even told us that they can’t procrastinate any longer. They must get a proper family portrait done. What better time than to get the family together to celebrate their child’s graduation milestone with a Kindergarten Graduation Photoshoot while updating the extended family or family portrait at the same time! 

As we all know, we make things happen when we are intentional and most, if not all of the time, we follow through the things that are booked into our calendar. Much so like a family trip or a staycation …

Is it time to celebrate? For sure, it’s always time!

Celebrate milestones, celebrate achievements,  celebrate life, appreciate what we have everyday and start taking action to make meaningful memories for your kids, your family.  Because time passes at an even faster speed once they enter Primary School. You don’t want to have that mum /parent guilt that you should have at least get a professional graduation and family portrait to mark this special milestone.

Seize this opportunity and make it happen this time!

Here are the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about kindergarten graduation photoshoot in our studio.


Is there a limit on number of pax allowed in the shoot?

Now that Covid is behind us, we are free to photograph as many or as little people in a shoot. Our studio can easily fit up to 30 pax. 

do you provide graduation gowns?

Yes! We have a collection of kids graduation gowns in our studio for you to use at no charge. Get in touch with us to check out the different gowns available.

is hair & make up included?

Hair and make up can be arranged at additional charges.

what are the rates for k2 graduation shoot?

Solo K2 graduation portrait start at $150; Family & K2 Graduation Shoots start from $250. Get more details on kindergarten graduation packages.

can my child's classmate join in the shoot?

You may consider booking a second package that is scheduled back to back on the same day.

how to book?

Simply email us at info@bambiniphoto.sg. WhatsApp Us, or Call us at 87171558

Get In Touch For More Info!

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